The ‘Barbie’ Fever is Coming in Hot with Record-Breaking Box Office Triumph in PH


MANILA, Philippines—Moviegoers, adorned in vibrant pinks, eagerly flocked to cinemas for one of the year’s most anticipated films on its opening weekend—Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

The global release of the movie earned an astounding $337 million worldwide, with $182 million in international markets and $155 million in the U.S., and the numbers continue to rise. The impressive announcement was made by Warner Bros. Pictures President of Domestic Distribution, Jeff Goldstein, and President of International Distribution, Andrew Cripps.

Setting sail with a wave of social memes and sold-out shows, “Barbie” took the top spot in 55 markets, including the Philippines, where it also broke records. The Margot Robbie-Ryan Gosling starrer achieved the local record for the biggest Warner Bros. opening weekend of the year and during the COVID era, as well as the largest opening weekend for director Gerwig and Gosling, who portrays “Ken”.

Driven by immense anticipation and widespread critical acclaim, “Barbie” resonated with audiences, earning an ‘A’ audience score and a remarkable 90% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics, too, were captivated, awarding the Robbie-led film a certified fresh rating of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing. The timeless tale of the classic doll continues to charm and delight audiences worldwide.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

“The response has been overwhelming, confirming what we always believed – ‘Barbie’ is a truly special film and the theatrical event of the summer, if not the year,” said Goldstein, President of Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures. He praised Gerwig, Robbie, Gosling, and the entire team for creating a fun and transporting experience that audiences have been eagerly craving, evident from the impressive numbers since before the pandemic.

Andrew Cripps, President of International Distribution, added that the film’s success in every market is a testament to Greta’s vision and the enduring global appeal of Mattel’s iconic creation. The film’s cotton candy-pink wit and heartwarming optimism have resonated powerfully with audiences of all ages, reflected in the long theater lines and massive social media excitement.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

With strong word-of-mouth and repeat business, the momentum is set to continue throughout the year. The film’s impact is cross-generational, making it the perfect film for this time. Congratulations to Greta Gerwig and the entire cast and crew for this brilliant labor of love.

Barbie is now showing in cinemas in the Philippines and around the globe.