The All-New Epic Sequel ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Features Zachary Levi Back in Action

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MANILA, Philippines—Zachary Levi reprises his role as Shazam in the all-new epic adventure Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the irreverent yet sincere, wisecracking teen-turned-DC Super Hero who, along with his Shazamily, must use their incredible abilities to battle the Daughters of Atlas. These three fierce Greek goddesses will stop at nothing to reclaim their destiny and, oh yeah, to destroy the world!

The film’s amped-up action, new worlds, stakes of mythological proportion, roster of aspirational heroes, exceedingly menacing villains and signature brand of humor perfectly tailored to star Levi made signing on for the David F. Sandberg-directed sequel an easy “yes” even before the script had been penned by writers Henry Gayden and Chris Morgan.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

“I thoroughly enjoyed the pitch before I even got to read the script!” recalls Levi. “When David and Henry told me what the whole concept of the second movie was going to be, I was in. I thought, ‘These are great ingredients for building a really wonderful sequel to what we had already created,’ so I was very excited about that and about getting back together with all of the cast and crew I loved so much, and it’s just a really fun role to play. I mean, I get to be a Super Hero, and a really fun one at that.”

Sandberg returned to the helm excited to take the story and characters to the next level. He says, “At the end of ‘Shazam!’ we finally introduced the whole family as Super Heroes, but we just got a glimpse of that. One of the exciting things for me in this movie was exploring more about how they live as teenagers and work as Super Heroes together—and, as you might expect, it’s not always successful. Like Shazam, they are all still young at heart, some more than others, going through everything kids do.”

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

However, with all of that, there is still one secret ingredient at the core of the story that Levi believes is the real hook for audiences of all ages. He reveals, “It’s wish fulfillment! At some point in all our lives, we had dreams of becoming something like a superhero: stronger, faster, braver, or just more heroic in the world. That’s why comic books exist—these colorful pages full of fantasy, surrealism and magical realism that we can disappear into. Mix that with tons of heart and humor and charm, together with David’s direction, the terrific script, our incredible cast and crew—it all coalesces to create a superhero movie for everyone and just a really entertaining film.”

Warner Bros. Philippines, a Warner Discovery company, will distribute “SHAZAM Fury of the Gods” in Philippine theaters. Join the online discussion by using the hashtag #ShazamMovie.

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