Embark on a New Journey with ‘Rise of Elves’ by Mooneen in the Philippines

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MANILA, Philippines—Taiwan-based gaming firm Mooneen has officially introduced its blockchain-driven play-to-earn (P2E) game, “Rise of Elves,” with a grand celebration held at Ayala Mall Circuit, Makati City, Philippines.

“Rise of Elves” has rapidly expanded its footprint, venturing into various markets, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. It currently boasts a player base of over 66,000.

Image Courtesy of Mooneen.

This launch underscores “Rise of Elves'” commitment to fortifying its presence in the Philippines, a nation that ranked 4th out of 26 countries in the NFT Gaming Adoption Report by the global fintech platform Finder in 2022.

Johnson Chan, Mooneen’s Blockchain Architecture Development & Strategy Research Specialist, stated, “The Philippines is our inaugural launch market. Aside from having a substantial player base familiar with blockchain games, we also aspire to infuse more vibrancy into the in-game ecosystem by inviting Filipino players into our community.”

Inside Rise of Elves

Image Courtesy of Mooneen.

Image Courtesy of Mooneen.

Rise of Elves unfolds within a virtual world powered by the Polygon blockchain, immersing players in the captivating realm of “Elves.” These in-game assets are represented as NFTs, which players can collect and trade on the game’s marketplace for real currency.

Engaging gameplay includes Player-Versus-Player (PVP) battles in the “Arena” mode and Player-Versus-Environment (PVE) challenges in the “Adventure” mode. Furthermore, players can “Evolve” new Elves through the official website, potentially enhancing their teams and generating additional NFTs for sale on the marketplace.

Each Elf is a unique NFT, consisting of seven parts with distinct characteristics that influence their battle performance.Players can mix and match “Heroes” with their Elf teams.

Rise of Elves collaborates with Manny ‘PacMan’ Pacquiao for an exclusive in-game hero and 200 Pacquiao NFT styles. The game also features NFTs with gaming content creator Aningning and a Team Payaman YOW member.

There are three tokens in the game for players: Rise Of Elves (ROE) for governance, Crystal Of Element (COE) as in-game currency, and Magic Book (MGB) for acquiring Heroes. ROE is rewarded for Arena performance, COE is earned in Adventure and Arena modes, and MGB is acquired in Adventure mode or purchased.

ROE Play-to-Earn Model

Image Courtesy of Mooneen.

“Our game’s economic model was meticulously designed to avoid common issues seen in similar games. We employ a three-token system to create a sustainable cycle where player needs and rewards remain within the game,” Chan explained.

“Our approach is distinguished by rigorous planning and a disaster-averse economic system, setting us apart from other blockchain pioneers. Furthermore, our game modes and battle options offer increased diversity and playability compared to our competitors,” he emphasized.

Chan envisions P2E games like Rise of Elves as gateways, introducing Web3 to players from the Web2 space. “Our aim with ‘Rise of Elves’ is to continually lower entry barriers for mobile gamers, providing them with the thrills and advantages of our gaming experience,” he stated.