Unleash Your Style Potential with Merrell’s Hut Ultra

Fashion & Style

MANILA, Philippines—Merrell, renowned for its iconic hiking boots and beloved Hydro Mocs, continues to redefine lifestyle footwear with the introduction of their most comfortable sandals yet: the Hut Ultra.

These sandals boast a Floatmax Foam footbed for unparalleled comfort and an environmentally conscious EVA outsole crafted from 10% Bloom algae. With a variety of color options available for both men and women, you’ll find endless ways to incorporate them into this season’s trends.


Images Courtesy of Merrell.

As the Barbie movie continues to dominate the global box office, with earnings exceeding a billion dollars, it’s evident that the demand for all things pink is on the rise. Embrace your inner Outdoors Barbie by donning Merrell’s Hut Ultra Wrap in Burlwood. This delightful rosy hue can infuse a feminine touch into your gorpcore ensembles.

Combine them with a maxi cargo skirt (a wardrobe essential for its practical pockets) and a charming crop or halter top, and you’re sure to capture everyone’s attention.


Images Courtesy of Merrell.

Camouflage patterns have been a consistent favorite in street style, known for their association with a rugged, tough-guy or girl aesthetic, inspired by their origin in military fatigues. To anchor this look effectively, pair it with the black Hut Ultra Wrap for a striking contrast against the typically intricate pattern. Finish off your ensemble with a comfortable muscle shirt and a practical nylon bag for an effortless everyday outfit.

Bold Colors

Images Courtesy of Merrell.

Elevate your sandal game by pairing them with socks in bright, attention-grabbing colors. Think of striking hues such as vibrant reds, deep greens, and rich purples – the options are limitless. One handy guideline is to opt for complementary colors, which can either be opposites on the color wheel or adjacent to each other. For instance, the navy Hut Ultra Wrap complements Merrell’s signature orange socks brilliantly, creating a visually striking contrast.

Tones on tones

Images Courtesy of Merrell.

While mastering color coordination in an outfit, especially with vibrant shades, can be a skill, opting for a single palette is a reliable method to ensure your look is consistently impeccable. Time-tested neutrals like browns, beiges, greys, and soft greens create a foolproof color scheme that effortlessly harmonizes, even when incorporating multiple layers and accessories. For your socks, embrace the classic white or beige options to achieve the ultimate 90s normcore aesthetic.


Say goodbye to skinny jeans because cargos are staging a remarkable comeback! This Y2K classic is reemerging, gracing runways and street fashion in an array of colors, lengths, and materials. Their practicality aligns perfectly with the 2020s, offering ample pockets and a more relaxed fit. The utilitarian features of the Hut Ultra Wrap, including hook and loop closures and buckles, harmonize seamlessly with the cargo pants’ multi-pocket functionality.

Explore Merrell’s trail running collection at Merrell concept stores nationwide, major department stores, their official Viber community, and their official website www.merrell.com.ph.