Here Comes the Anne Curtis & Erwan Heussaff Wedding Video


Over a month after the “undisclosed”, yet,much-publicized wedding of the year broke the Internet, a familiar hashtag, #TheWanforAnne, has resurfaced on social media just last night after acclaimed wedding film genius Jason Magbanua shared an intimate look at the Anne Curtis & Erwan Heussaff nuptials, which got the whole of the social-media-crazy populace hooked.

The 19-minute video shared the laughter and tears that showered the couple’s New Zealand getaway with relatives and close friends partaking the momentous occasion. The video served as a montage of the festivities that happened last November, when the two tied the knot in Queenstown , NZ. This time, we see highlights of the big celebration of love, beyond the Instagram stories that made their rounds in the past month.

The couple’s vows were also highlighted in the video. The 32-year-old actress-host, in a tearful message, shared how her Erwan made her “whole again”.

Many, of course, swooned over the heartfelt message the 30-year-old entrepreneur-turned-endorser shared to his newly-pronounced wife. Here’s what Erwan said in the altar:

This one is about people who no one could have ever imagine being together. We couldn’t have been more different when we first met and probably didn’t strike anyone as a likely match. We tested and strained our relationship, bringing it to great heights with deep faults right ahead but eventually managed to be here today as a team.

It’s always been very difficult for me to express my emotions. I don’t really know where it comes from, it’s just not in my nature, and I know that this could be a very frustrating trait. That’s why I’ve always enjoyed writing. It helps give a voice to my feelings. Funnily enough, since the day I’ve met you, I’ve written more each day. From flirty text messages to unreadable late night advances to love letters—some sent, some never to see the light of day. Without noticing it, you’ve made me want to tell a story and compile it, in fear that one day I would have to read it back just to remember us—knowing that whatever happened, I could keep you in my back pocket—a tucked away novel that I could look for for hope.

You’ve asked me countless of times why I love you. You curl up towards me, looking up at me expecting the perfect answer but I could never truly explain it to you. Reducing all my emotions to a few cliff notes isn’t possible. I love you because you are true to who you are—sometimes a little stubbornly because of how emotional you get about your family, how people’s happiness is a priority in your every day, how bothered you get by their opinions, yet still believe that you are a great singer.

I love you because you make me feel. And inspire me to be the best. Mostly, I love you because you are a work in progress.

Today, I vow to be your humble co-star in the most genuine love story ever told.

See the full video below: