Willow Smith Fronts Contemporary 2021 Spring Summer Collection Vibing ‘The Onitsuka Tiger Attitude’

Fashion & Style

USA — Melding fashion with sports and heritage with innovation, Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger continues to present a contemporary collection that combines elements that proudly give off the “Onitsuka Tiger Attitude”. The Spring/Summer 2021 brand campaign showcases images featuring global brand ambassador Willow Smith, continuing from her remarkable entry in 2020.

Andrea Pompilio, Creative Director of Onitsuka Tiger, says of the new collection, “The theory of the brand is to pay homage to its history and continue to evolve with creativity and trends.”

Image courtesy of Onitsuka Tiger PH

In this collection, the Onitsuka Tiger style is expressed not only through the logo and the particular details inspired by sailing sails, but also through its intuitive atmosphere.

Onitsuka Tiger’s theory, which continues to transmit traditional and innovative messages globally, and Smith’s identity, which is both unique and intelligent, resonate with each other and seamlessly fuse, resulting in special campaign images that evoke a completely new Onitsuka Tiger-ism.

Image courtesy of Onitsuka Tiger PH

“While the world is changing at an unprecedented speed, Willow [Smith] continues to offer new values to society without losing her shining individuality,” said the communication team of Onitsuka Tiger on the second season’s campaign images featuring the global ambassador.

“For this campaign, Andrea Pompilio used the essential beauty that overflows from within [Smith’s] for the theme. We wanted to portray this collection in a dramatic way by incorporating yoga poses, which she happens to be good at. This campaign gives us hope that there are no limits to the diversity of fashion, and that everyone can truly enjoy fashion in their own unique way, whether on the go or at home, regardless of location, age, or gender.”