UNIQLO’s Latest UT Collection is a Celebration of Individuality and Self-Expression

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MANILA, Philippines—Global apparel brand UNIQLO unveils its latest UT Collection. With various inspirations taken from pop culture, the collection celebrates uniqueness and individuality.

A celebration of individuality, the latest UT lineup continues to serve as a tool for self-expression – encouraging customers to wear what they love based on their personalities and hobbies. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, including the realms of art, music, film and more, customers can discover the different UT designs available this month of May through the UT Convention.

UNIQLO PH Vice President for Marketing, Gette Barrera-Jalasco. Image courtesy of UNIQLO


Images courtesy of UNIQLO

UNIQLO will release more collections following the launch of the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary UT. Anime lovers will be treated to UTs featuring beloved Japanese titles such as Gundam, Doraemon and Pokemon. There will also be collections spotlighting popular and iconic concepts from Lego and Mickey & Friends.

Images courtesy of UNIQLO

Art aficionados will enjoy the collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), one of the largest and most influential institutions of its kind, which feature art masterpieces. Another art-inspired collection is the partnership with Magnum Photos. This international photographic cooperative that has documented most of the world’s major events and personalities since the 1930’s. The Brands Car collection features automobile designs from legendary automakers.

Image courtesy of UNIQLO

Lastly, winning designs from the UT Grand Prix (UTGP), a design competition that uses t-shirts as a creative medium, will be showcased during the convention. The theme of this year’s competition was Peanuts.


UNIQLO is introducing artist Kosuke Kawamura as the newest Creative Director for UT. Kawamura brings with him a deep knowledge of pop culture, distinctive original style, and a strong design background.

Prior to his appointment, he designed graphics for multitalented apparel brands. Kawamura has also designed and directed materials for live performances and events, DVD and CD jackets, book covers and advertisements. He previously collaborated with UNIQLO in creating collages for the Dragon Ball UT collection.

For more updates, please visit the UT Collections page and UT Magazine page.

Image courtesy of UNIQLO

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