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What defines sexy? What makes a man “hot”?

Through the years, there persisted a culture that has conditioned us to put the fantasy of a tall, chiseled, rich and noble, well-bred man as the arbiter and very definition of the “ideal” and the “perfect”. This has long been embedded in our collective psyche and has especially been made evident in the way mainstream media painted the picture of who to fawn over.

But beyond the frenzy over leading men, prince charmings, oiled headline-hogging boytoys in towering billboards on EDSA, and eventually, thirst-traps easily accessible on social media peopled by figures of those who seem to be infallible denizens of Olympus, we have seen definitions of beauty slowly evolve and get dismantled to reveal admiration that goes beyond skin-deep—extending beneath the surface.

Through this, as a people, we have started to reclaim the concept of the “ideal” and the “perfect” and with it, pursuit of one’s passion and individuality is more than enough to make us all heave a euphoric, Hot Damn!

For The Hot Damn! Issue, we present ALL men in their finest forms–not only looking their best but also making relevant use of their creative pursuits more so, the platforms that have chosen them, with merits that transcend shape, skin color, background, nationality, industry, and gender identity and expression.

As we have done in the past, we have gathered the usual suspects and, in the tradition of going beyond Boxes and Labels, have expanded our reach to aspirational figures who have chosen to stand tall in their own skin and make their own mark.

Photographed by Stephen Capuchino

Headlining this year’s list is model, actor, and now creative entrepreneur David Chua, whose education and evolution as an artist has traversed his life in front of the camera, and now, even behind it as producer, director, and CEO of Dark Carnival Productions.

In between takes for renewed seasons of drama-comedy series Good Will, Chua is also spearheading efforts of the production company for the show’s creative requirements, along with a growing roster of clientele for online and branding content from Miss World Philippines, to news anchor and host Korina Sanchez.

Photographed by Stephen Capuchino

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Creative direction by Leo Balante

Photographer: Stephen Capuchino

Assisted by: Jobo Nacpil

Hair and grooming by: Gabriel Laxamana

Location partner: Rise Above Studio

Special acknowledgments: Rise Above Media via Sam Ajdani and Tohi Ajdani