Grab Celebrates Public Listing Milestone with Employees and Partners in Historic Opening Bell Ceremony

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SINGAPORE—In a historic turn, Grab Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: GRAB) (“Grab”), furthers its hold as a leading superapp in Southeast Asia, as it celebrates its milestone public listing with Grab employees, driver-, delivery- and merchant-partners in Nasdaq’s first-ever opening bell ceremony hosted in the region. 

Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling, co-founders of Grab, were joined onstage in Singapore during the bell ringing ceremony by representatives of the Grab driver-, delivery- and merchant-partner communities, who were on the frontlines transporting people, preparing as well as delivering food and essential goods, especially during critical stay-home pandemic periods. These Grab partners have tapped on the Grab platform to better leverage digital services to earn livelihoods and grow their businesses.

Anthony Tan at the GRAB Nasdaq bell-ringing ceremony

Grab employees also attended the event, including many of those who have been with the company for over six years (internally known as a ‘Grabversaurus’). The ‘Grabversauruses’ joined the company when it was only offering ride-hailing services and operating in less than 30 cities, and have contributed to the company’s growth into a superapp that is now available in 465 cities.

In recognition of the collective effort and continued partnership of the Grab community to reach this milestone, about 1,500 Grab employees, as well as representatives from Grab’s partner communities, from across Southeast Asia will be featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, New York City, after Grab is officially listed on Nasdaq. 

Anthony Tan, Group CEO and Co-founder, Grab, highlighted, “It’s important to us not to lose sight of what this was all built on. The heart and hard work of our Grabbers to serve our partners, and in turn, the dedication of our partners towards serving their customers. That’s why we chose to hold the ceremony close to home. To be here, amongst our community, sharing the moment with them as we cross the threshold into a new chapter of our journey”. 

GrabFood delivery partner, Carlo Mamaril writes, “Everyday I find myself on the road so I can provide a better future for my family. While I first joined as a delivery-partner of Grab for financial reasons, I was surprised to find that Grab has so much to offer for its driver- and delivery-partners which have really helped to improve our quality of life. Apart from financial assistance, I have also personally gained a lot of new skills from all the free training provided by GrabAcademy. I am proud to be part of Grab’s milestone, and I hope the company will continue to invest in more people like me across the country and in the region.”

For GrabFood merchant-partner, Angel’s Pizza‘s Chairman, Justin Liu shares, “Food businesses like ours have faced a lot of challenges in recent years, especially with the global pandemic leaving us to cope with uncertainties. All of these have been dispelled since we joined as a partner of Grab. The transition to take advantage of the digital economy was easy and seamless with the unending support Grab has provided. Since going online, we have increased our customer base, expanded our footprint, but most importantly, we have been assured that even amid a global crisis, our business could stay afloat. We are excited for the journey ahead with Grab and hope to hear more stories of Filipino entrepreneurs like ours getting the opportunity to grow because of Grab’s many initiatives.”

In a congratulatory message from one of Grab’s strategic partners in the Philippines, SM Investments Corporation President and CEO, Frederic C. Dybuncio says, “Our partnership with Grab is strong and provides an enormous opportunity in the Philippines based on our unique combination of digital and consumer strengths. We value our relationship with Grab highly. At SM we congratulate Grab on its listing and we look forward to many years of creating innovation and growth together.”