The Internet is Reacting to This New “Bottomless Water” Promo, and So Are We

On Friday, world-famous pizza chain, Pizza Hut just released an intriguing marketing campaign that sparked intrigue and buzz among online onlookers. The latest teaser ad states that starting January 14, all Pizza Hut branches will offer dine-in customers bottomless cold water, for free.

As is expected the Internet has duly reacted to what many easily recognized as a “marketing strategy”, inciting interest and curiosity among consumers on its upcoming offer. And we say, mission accomplished, as on Facebook alone, the restaurant’s post has already amassed 55k likes, 17k comments, and 35K shares, proof enough that it has definitely got the public’s interest piqued.

While priceless reactions abound the post, there are those who are already crafting plans to enjoy and maximize the offer:

There are, of course, those, who take it upon themselves to think of plausible theories and speculations as for the upcoming promo. Maybe a new sizzling flavor coming?

Or a new endorser coming? For instance, online sensation Mimiyuuuh is well-known among her followers for her catch-phrase, “Drink your water, biiiiiish!” among others.

So, we ask, why is Pizza Hut offering bottomless water? Those who are eager to learn why will just have to take up Pizza Hut on its latest offer. Stop by a Pizza Hut store starting January 14th, and you might just get a hot surprise on your visit. 

To know more about Pizza Hut’s intriguing new promo, be on the lookout on their official social media accounts.