OPPO’s Cutting-Edge Innovation with Smart Robots and AI Transform R&D Processes

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MANILA, Philippines—From robotic vacuum cleaners efficiently handling hotel lobby tasks to smart robots delivering meals in restaurants, the prevalence of intelligent robotics is on the rise. Beyond coffee services, these advanced machines are now revolutionizing manufacturing and research and development (R&D). OPPO stands at the forefront of this movement, seamlessly integrating smart robotics and self-developed AI algorithms to enhance the intelligence and efficiency of its R&D processes.

OPPO provides insight into its utilization of intelligent robotics to elevate R&D across various sectors, including mobile communication, imaging, XR, smart health, and more.

Revolutionizing Product R&D with AI and Robotics

OPPO is at the forefront of leveraging AI technology and robotics to accelerate product development, hardware, and software performance testing. Intelligent robotic arms are introduced to perform tasks demanding extreme precision and consistency, surpassing human capabilities. Operating 24/7, these robots significantly boost output.

OPPO’s Intelligent Imaging Lab in Dongguan plays a pivotal role in setting an objective standard for mobile camera testing. Each OPPO smartphone undergoes extensive camera tests, with the lab featuring replicas of various scenes like restaurants, bars, karaoke rooms, and shopping malls. Robots navigate these scenarios, autonomously capturing photos, and transforming tests that once took days into a matter of hours, ensuring rapid and efficient development.

Images Courtesy of OPPO.

OPPO Communication Lab ensures connectivity in every scenario. Smartphones have become essential in our daily lives, serving various purposes from information lookup to photography and gaming. At the core of these functionalities is the need to keep us connected, and the OPPO Communication Lab is dedicated to developing and testing this fundamental communication technology.

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

Within the Communication Lab, diverse network environments, including high-speed trains and crowded spaces, are simulated to devise solutions for challenging network conditions. Furthermore, the lab replicates networks from various international operators, ensuring users worldwide enjoy a consistently high level of communication experiences.

Testing Smartphone at OPPO Communication Lab

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

To assess smartphones in these simulated environments, OPPO employs a robotic arm designed to emulate real smartphone users. This robotic arm effectively replicates actions like scrolling through social media, browsing the web, and undertaking various tasks.

Within the OPPO NFC Lab, every smartphone undergoes extensive testing, involving tens of thousands of rounds, to verify read and write accuracy across various NFC terminals. The lab boasts smart robotic arms, establishing an industry-leading automated testing process that operates continuously for 24 hours a day, requiring no manual intervention.

Testing smartphone with various NFC terminals

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

In OPPO’s XR Lab, robotics play a crucial role as a robotic arm is employed to simulate various positions and angles of the head-mounted device. This facilitates precise calibration of the display, fisheye camera, and VST camera based on captured and displayed images. This technology ensures virtual objects align seamlessly with the real-world perspective, creating an immersive extended reality experience.

Testing MR Glass at OPPO XR Lab

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

The iterative calibration process for each XR device generation, which is typically complex and tedious, sees increased efficiency with robotic automation. This enhancement allows OPPO to dedicate more focus to crafting superior user experiences.

Empowering Everyone with Smart Life Experiences

As technology rapidly progresses, the prospect of a futuristic and intelligent life becomes increasingly attainable. The future promises a realm where technology takes giant strides, seamlessly blending reality with virtuality, and where every aspect intelligently intertwines. The widespread adoption of smartwatches serves as a notable example of this transformative trend.

OPPO Health Lab pioneers everyday preventive health management. In a recent stride towards preventive health, OPPO unveiled the new Watch 4 Pro, equipped with cardiovascular assessment algorithms to detect blood vessel elasticity, enabling timely identification of the risk of vascular sclerosis. The smartwatch also introduces a novel running form recognition function, gauging metrics like foot balance, step frequency, and stride length. Leveraging advancements in sensor technology, algorithms, and data science, OPPO is committed to transforming daily health management into a reality for everyone.

OPPO Health Lab conducts in-depth R&D in health technologies

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

A significant portion of the advanced health solutions stems from OPPO’s Health Lab, utilizing various sports and monitoring equipment to collect and analyze a diverse range of health data.

In response to the surging demand for data storage, AI, and high-performance computing, OPPO initiated the construction of its inaugural large-scale data center, OPPO AndesBrain (Binhaiwan Bay) IDC, in January 2020.

Air-cooling Server Room in OPPO AndesBrain (Binhaiwan Bay) IDC

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

With hundreds of millions of ColorOS monthly active users globally, the data center boasts robust computing power and bandwidth to facilitate large-scale data processing, supporting OPPO’s hardware and software engineering endeavors. Given OPPO’s escalating investment in AI, the data center is also equipped with formidable computing capabilities to execute AI tasks and foster the development of cutting-edge AI solutions.

Immersion cooling technology is applied to improve energy efficiency

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

The OPPO AndesBrain (Binhaiwan Bay) IDC showcases the company’s commitment to combining infrastructure and business innovations to minimize carbon emissions. Employing a rainwater harvesting system for cooling circulation, the data center adopts immersion cooling over air cooling for high-performance GPU server clusters, resulting in a significant enhancement in energy efficiency.

For nearly two decades, OPPO has nurtured its capabilities. Moving forward, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to crafting innovative products and technologies, empowering users worldwide to embrace a smarter life experience.