Your National Elections Cheat Sheet: Who Deserves Your Vote Based on the Pledges and Plans of Some of This Year’s Presidential Aspirants


The official national campaign has started and aspiring candidates are quick in their shoes to get into every city and province to persuade the people why they are deserving to be elected. From implementation of policies and programs to personal stand on political and social matters, get to know the presidential aspirants that may be the next to sit in the Malacanan Palace.

The upcoming elections also mean a time of divisiveness, separate opinions, different beliefs, and perspectives on the leaders we want to elect and serve the public for the next six years. These differences always lead us, Filipinos, now, more than ever, into serious arguments, especially with the advent of social media where everyone is entitled to their “own opinion”.

More often than not, it is made apparent now how our political differences and similarities make or break our social relationships. This, of course, can be seen as a double-edged sword, to many, showing how in this day and age, people now stand more with conviction that aligning oneself with the candidate he or she chooses to vote is no longer a matter of “opinion” and “choice” but a reflection of his or her own values and morals. But this new awakened sense of social discourse has seen the demise of friendships, starting with the symbolic act of clicking the ‘unfriend’ and ‘unfollow’ button when our opinions do not coincide. 

As the 90-day campaign for the national position has now begun, voters, either youth or adults, should commit to the responsibilities for the nation by dissecting and knowing the running candidates for the highest position in the government. 

Going back to the past six years, after a populist leader’s reign in the Malacanan Palace, President Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines has been ringing with headlines about  War on Drugs, Build Build Build Program, international relations with China, and the different controversies involving the pillars of its administration. Citizens did not only suffer from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic rather, the unpreparedness towards risks reduction management, inconsistency of advisory, and the unending disinformation.

The calendar is quick to change its date, the presence of the presidential aspirants are now felt by the public as different media programs center on why they should be the next president in this crucial moment where the regress of the economy affects the consumers, and at the same time, the pandemic restrictions jeopardize the livelihood of the majority.

We listed down the proposals, pledges, and plans of the six Presidential Candidates during the Kapisanan ng Mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Presidential Forums held earlier this month, as your reference and guide in choosing the most promising, most reliable, and most competent leader to govern the country. 

Leodegario “Ka Leody” Quitain de Guzman

Ka Leody has been known as a labor group leader and activist. This year, with courage and strong will to change the nation’s political climate,  he ran for the presidency with an alternative route on how he will address the social issues that the nation faces. 

Supported by labor groups, progressive organizations, and the marginalized sector, Ka Leody along with his running mate Walden Bello, the two set their campaign rally at Bantayog ng mga Bayani, Quezon City. 

Determined to change the system, here are some of the plans that Ka Leody has presented if he will become the 17th president of the Philippines:

  1. Reorient the economic system by focusing on the welfare of the citizens through empowering their livelihoods. For the economy, De Guzman will be focusing on production of agriculture rather than importation of goods
  2. Ending contractualization by dismantling the manpower agencies is one of his major goals. He also added that provincial wages will be equal with the wages in Metro Manila. 
  3. MSMEs would be supported by the government through the 125B allocated budget.  
  4. To encourage farmers and fishermen, Ka Leody ought to pour all the aid to them to enclose the country’s food security. 
  5. De Guzman also emphasized that he will be terminating the Rice Tariffication Law.
  6. To close the gap of social inequality, a 20% wealth tax from the 500 richest families will be imposed and it will be spent to support farmers, health sectors, and in creating employment in the country. 
  7. Recovery of the long standing ill gotten wealth of Marcoses is one of the focus of his platforms. 
  8. Along with human rights advocacy, Ka Leody also highlighted the acknowledgement of the rights of  Indigenous  people (IPs).
  9. Championing a ‘true’ independent foreign policy.
  10. In terms of Social development platforms, in his presidency, De Guzman stated that the social services should be in public.
  11. Lastly, he would also address climate change as it is one of the major issues in the country and globally.  

When asked why the FIlipinos should vote for him, he stated that for the past few years, the elite and billionaires run the country but nothing has happened. With his 38 years of advocating for labor group, Ka Leody emphasizes, “Kinakailangan natin ay ang bagong pulitika, pulitika ng masa, pulitika ng mamamayan hindi ng i-ilan.”

Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso

Presidential aspirant and current Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno, who brands himself as “laki sa hirap” and one with the marginalized Filipinos, launched his campaign in his homeland, the Kartilya ng Katipunan, beside the Manila City Hall, together with his running mate Dr. Willie Ong. 

In the KBP Forum, the youngest presidential aspirant highlighted his campaign program, “BILIS KILOS,” or the 10-point agenda which focuses on: 


A program where 1.3% of the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be placed for housing projects. The goal is to establish a million units within six years.


Moreno plans to allocate 4.3% of the GDP to educational funds. The goal is to improve the student-teacher ratio and provide quality education specifically on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Labor and employment

The 47-year old candidate also seeks to revive the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which were poorly struck by the pandemic during the lockdowns. The aim is to have a collaborative assignment between labor and employment affiliated government agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Science and Technology, and the Department of Information and Communication Technology.


Moreno plans to enhance the health facilities in the Philippines within two years by establishing 17 world-class regional hospitals, along with 107,000 hospital beds in his first 1000 days as president, and provide wage-increase for health and medical workers and professionals. In addition, Moreno also promised that PhilHealth would be handled by financial experts.

Tourism and Creative Industry

The Manila City Mayor and aspiring President seek to restore tourism by having a target increase of tourists by utilizing creative industries in the country.


Continuity of the Build, Build, Build (BBB) Program but with the Public-Private Partnership (PPP), with the addition of an increase in economic hubs outside the National Capital Region (NCR).

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

The goal is to improve research and development spending by 2% and prioritize AI, Robotics and Automation, and Additive Manufacturing.


Isko wants to increase farmers’ capital and credit assistance and connect farmers to markets digitally. The presidential candidate also aims to separate the Fisheries sector from the Department of Agriculture and launch the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. The candidate also pledged that Filipino fishermen can fish in the West Philippine Sea safely and free.

Good governance

Moreno highlighted Meritocracy, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity as his administration’s governing values to promote and achieve harmony, Pinoy pride, national sense of belongingness, self-confidence, and self-identity.

Smart Governance

This platform’s objective is to make government public data accessible to promote active citizen participation and simplify government-processing services with digitalization and automation.

When asked why he should be the next president, Moreno expressed, ​​“Tulad po ni Senator Pacquiao at Ka Leody, kami po galing sa wala, nagsikap kami at nakaahon kami sa kinalalagyan namin. Katulad ni Sen. Lacson naniniwala ako na siya on the ground, nilalabanan ang corruption. That’s the kind of leaders na nakakaunawa sa tao, hindi analyze-analyze-paralyze. I can get things done, may resulta, may pruweba.” 

Panfilo “Ping”  Morena Lacson

Together with his running Vice-President Vicentte “Tito” Sotto III, the two were opened their campaign run at the Imus Grandstand, Cavite. 

 “Isang maasahan at mapagkakatiwalaang pamahalaan. This is my vow to the people.

Senator Ping Lacson, as one of the veteran candidates among the roster, came and presented a direct mission on what kind of administration he will run once he will be elected by the people.

Lacson, in his first 100 days, swears that all government agencies would undergo internal cleansing in order to eradicate corruption, and promised a clean and honest Lacson administration.  He then emphasized that he will be running a government that is centered on being a Science-based, data-driven, and future-proof platform. 

Straight with a goal, Lascon’s mission is to reform the government by allocating P 260 Billion full investment on the Universal Health care act as the country transitions from pandemic to endemic. 

For his economic plans, Lacson seeks to ensure that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will have comprehensive and targeted fiscal stimulus packages. Meanwhile, continuing the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps, Lacson highlighted, “hindi lamang para  itawid, kung hindi iahon sa kahirapan ang buhay ng mamamayan.”

The agriculture sector is also being eyed to be given a spotlight in his term, by ending the import-dependent mentality by reinforcing the sector’s needs from seedlings to machinery to increase the productivity rate. 

Lacson also campaigns for education for all by setting his eyes on building schools through geographically isolated places,  disadvantaged and conflict-affected areas. For senior high schools, Lacson also commits to a monthly allowance of the students through paid government internship programs. 

Lastly, Senator Lacson amplifies the need for Budget reform in order to allocate the nation’s spending to fair opportunities to its citizens. 

Composed and readily answered all the questions asked to him, Lacson reasons why he should be the next president of the Philippines, “When the dust settles in the warzone, and all programs and platforms are heard, I sincerely hope that I presented myself as the leader we need: competent, qualified, and with a wealth of experience.”

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos Jr.

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos, son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., launched his proclamation rally together with his vice-presidential running mate and presidential daughter Sara Duterte at the Philippine Arena in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. 

Marcos skipped the KBP Presidential Forum due to a schedule conflict, as per his team, and to the dismay of many of his supporters, especially those who oppose him and are on the lookout of the plans he has come up with for his run. Interestingly, the aspiring president was then seen in a cooking segment with broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez via Instagram Stories.

It can be remembered that the candidate also refused to attend the First Presidential interviews with Jessica Soho as his camp claimed that the network had not been fair and just to the Marcoses. However, the former Senator participated in the Interviews with host, actress, and vlogger Toni Gonzaga, talk show host Boy Abunda, and DZRH’s “Bakit Ikaw?” Presidential Job Application program.

While there has still no concrete and detailed platform from the team of the aspiring candidate; however, in the interview with DZRH, panelists asked the aspiring candidate on his platform if he is to become the President of the Philippines, Marcos put emphasis on his advocacy to be a unifying leader, he believes that “Unifying Leadership” and the unification of people are the foundation for the country’s betterment.

In the same interview, some of the mentioned plans (but not fully discussed) of the former senator including the objective to lift the Philippines from the health crisis due to COVID-19, to aid small-scale businesses and create jobs and livelihood, strengthen the Build,Build, Build program of the Duterte Administration through the assistance of private sectors, and take advantage of these infrastructure development.

Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao

Former global boxing superstar, Senator, and now Presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao launched his Presidential campaign in his hometown in General Santos City’s Oval Plaza. 

As for his platforms, Senator Pacquiao presented his 22-round agenda during the KBP Forum, stressing how to terminate corruption, provide employment, improve the healthcare system, and upgrade internet signal and renewable energy development, which he condensed into six categories and called “HEALTH of the Nation.” These categories include the following:

Housing programs

Citing that he, himself, experienced being homeless in the past, Pacquiao wanted to allocate funds for housing programs, which he claimed he was doing since 2002, getting funds from his own pocket. In the forum, Pacquiao stated “Kailangan magkaroon ng sariling tahanan kasi ako po ay naniniwala, sa malinis at maayos na tahanan nagmumula ang magandang pangarap ng isang tao.”


To strengthen the Philippine Educational System by supporting the Alternative Learning System (ALS), the provision of one student – one gadget, and one teacher – one gadget. Pacquiao also mentioned free education to government-headed schools citing “Walang babayaran na miscellaneous iyong mga parents, libre hanggang makatapos [ang estudyante] sa kahit anong kurso.”

Ayuda and Agriculture

Pacquiao aims to build up the agricultural industry and support the farmers and their livelihood by steering clear from importing rice grains. Sen. Manny also mentioned the fishermen and aims to give assistance by providing fishing equipment.


Aside from his plan to allocate funds for housing programs, Sen. Pacquiao states the people’s need for jobs and briefly proposed a sustainable livelihood.

Transportation, Utilities, and Technology

Sen. Pacquiao pledges to improve transport services to resolve traffic issues and promised to give one motorcycle per one marginalized family. Included in this category is to upgrade internet signals in the Philippines, which has been one of the problems during online classes.


The Senator was not able to elaborate his plans on the health sector due to the time limit, but in a report, it says that Pacquiao proposed to have medical facilities in each of the over 42,000 barangays, as well as tertiary hospitals in each city and province in the Philippines. 

In the KBP Forum, Senator Pacquiao also mentioned that if he wins the upcoming elections, he wants to focus on earning from non-tax revenues and highlights the need to lessen dependence on payments on taxes. As for the action to address corruption, the Senator pinpointed his idea to establish a ‘mega prison’ to harbor those convicted of corruption and prevent congested prison wards. 

Maria Leonor “Leni” Gerona Robredo

Waving and painting the ‘pink flag’, the sole female candidate for the highest seat in the land, Leni Robredo, together with her running mate Francisco Kiko Pangilinan and their supporters, began their campaign rally at Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City. With the hashtag #KulayRosasAngBukas, the bright color, reached social media sites as the netizens’ jumping point e-campaign for the presidential candidate. 

Now-vice-president Robredo laid out her plans and advocacies during the KPB Presidential Forum starting with her main advocacy to bring a clean and honest government to bring back the trust to the administration, she promises that once she’s elected to the position, she will certify Freedom of Information (FOI) will as a transparency measure.

Robredo introduced her ‘Angat Buhay Lahat’ plan to execute her seven point agenda which caters her platforms for Livelihood, Food Security, National Security, Health, Education, Housing development, and Environment programs that would be the focus of her administration if she will be the next president of the Philippines. 

Angat Buhay sa HanapBuhay

Emphasizes the livelihood programs of Robredo as the pandemic drops the employment rate to reinforce the employment of Filipinos by empowering and supporting the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME). This is done by eradicating workforce discrimination, harnessing skills development and the public employment programs, along with the unemployment insurance program. 

Angat Buhay sa Pagkain

Robredo plans to address malnutrition in the country by institutionalizing feeding programs. Expanding the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) which benefits the low income families, providing food banks headed by the Local Government Units will be done, empowering the agricultural production of the Philippines for the welfare of both farmers and fishermen. 

Angat Buhay sa Seguridad

Her foremost agenda as he presents this section was the dispute in the West Philippine Sea. FIght insurgency. Operationalize the recommendation of ICAD towards the fight against illegal drugs. Also, supporting the Philippine military and modernization of the Armed Forces of The Philippines. 

Angat Buhay sa Kalusugan

Robredo emphasizes the Increase of the budget for the health sector as the country was severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. She also plans that per region, there should be a tertiary hospital even in barangay units through the help of LGUs. Improving the rollout of  Universal health care and bringing back trust to PhilHealth are also part of her action plan. 

Angat buhay sa Edukasyon

In order to have a quality education, Robredo stresses the need to increase the education fund not lower than 6% GPD and to increase the  test scores of the students in math, science and reading. A national assessment program is also part of her plan to know the lacking areas, and room for improvement in the educational system. Not leaving the teachers behind, Robredo calls for sufficient training for educators, as well as their fair wages.

Angat buhay sa Pabahay

Relocation of communities in the danger zone, and the on-site, in-site, and near city bill. Robredo also advocated the People’s Plan where the involvement of the citizens is part of planning the relocation, and to create economic occupation for livelihood within the community.

Angat buhay sa Kalikasan

Not leaving her environmental plans, Robredo wasn’t able to discuss this part during the KPB Presidential forum. However, based on the presentation from her team, the aspirant aims to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses in line with the United Nations Climate Change Conference or also known as COP26. Her administration’s goal is to have a disaster resilient community, and to approve the following bill that concerns the country’s environmental issues such as Alternative Mineral Management Act, Sustainable Forest Management Law, and the National Land Use Act. Robredo would also sign an Executive Order for no-mining zones once she’s elected. 

As critiques always questions her capabilities for being a woman, Robredo answers why people should vote for her as the next president of the country, “Ang uri ng pamahahala na inihahain ko ay tapat, mahusay, masipag. Hindi kayo lolokohin, hindi kayo nanakawan, hindi iiwan ang taumbayan. Handang handa ako sa hamon na maging pangulo. In 2022, the last man standing will still be a woman.” 

Election seasons are one of the most crucial history-shaping events in the nation. Not only will the leaders change, but also the system that runs from the local to national branches of governance and policy-making. In the past six years, the Filipinos have experienced a major shift, and this time, once again, we are standing on the precipice of change with the 17th President of the Philippines.

Know, examine, and look through each candidate, their platforms, their stand on key social issues, and how they present themselves all throughout their track record and till now.  Be your own voice and stand for the nation. 

On May 9, go out and vote–for you and our future. 

You may revisit the whole Presidential Forum below:

With updates made on March 13, 2022.