Take this Quiz and Find Your True Colors with the Samsung Galaxy A Series

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Manila, Philippines—Choosing a smartphone is like choosing a companion who will be by your side at all times. It’s a reflection of your unique personality and style and finding the perfect match can feel like finding a kindred spirit. With that, matching a unique color for your smartphone to your unique style is just a necessity.

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G comes in different fun and modern colors that will surely suit your liking. These phones also come in a range of fun and unique colors that match your awesome vibe this season! Want to know which color is right for you? Take our fun quiz to discover your perfect match and make a statement wherever you go. 

1. Which of the following traits suits you best?

  1. Confident, energetic, and analytical.
  2. Youthful, independent, and spiritual.
  3. Strong, mysterious, and classy.

2. What would you like to do in your spare time?

  1. I love to check out anything new and trending.
  2. Exploring my creative side and spending time on my hobbies.
  3. Reading books and listening to podcasts.

3. Which dessert would you rather eat?

  1. A refreshing cup of lime sorbet.
  2. A decadent lavender-infused blueberry cheesecake.
  3. A scrumptious dark chocolate cake.

4. If you were to choose an accessory for your room, it would be: 

  1. Bright, colorful, striking colorful artworks
  2. A sunset lamp or indoor plants 
  3. Neutral colors for all my items work for me

5. What activity would you like to do with your friends?

  1. I’d like to go on a nature walk or on glamping under the stars.
  2. It would be fun to play arcade games with my buddies.
  3. I look forward to having an elegant dinner with my pals.

6. How would you describe your #aesthetic?

  1. Bright, maximalist and playful
  2. Balanced, creative and modern
  3. Chic, elegant and sophisticated

7. Which sentence describes you better?

  1. Likes meeting new people and making new friends
  2. Artistic and creative, both in front and behind the camera
  3. Likes being in control of my tasks and maintaining my peace of mind

8. If you were at an event, what would your character be?

  1. Likes to be the life of the party
  2. The instant and forever event video/photographer
  3. Have deep conversations with a few of my besties

The Lowdown on Your Answers

If most of your answers were 1, the Awesome Lime reflects your refreshing and upbeat personality well.  As lively as this bright shade of green, you are also inventive and show confidence with anything that you decide to achieve.

Meanwhile, Awesome Violet complements your distinctive taste if your answers were mostly 2 – you are creative and someone who always tries to see the world from a different perspective.

And if you noticed your answers were more 3s, then the Awesome Graphite matches your refined style as you find power and peace in the sophistication of things, especially in your work.

The Galaxy A54 5G comes in Awesome Lime, Awesome Graphite, and Awesome Violet as an online-only offer, while the Galaxy A34 5G comes in Awesome Graphite and Awesome Violet. They also have #aesthetic back panels; a metallic finish that includes a luxe glossy back glass panel for the Galaxy A54 5G and a prism-patterned back panel for the Galaxy A34 5G.

World Hip Hop Dance Champions Upeepz. Image courtesy of: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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The Galaxy A54 5G retails for PHP 26,990 for the 256GB variant and PHP 24,990 for the 128GB variant. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A34 5G retails for PHP 21,990 for the 256GB variant and PHP 19,990. 

The Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 5G are available through samsung.com, Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee, Abenson.com and MemoXpress Online.