Faye Webster’s ‘Underdressed at the Symphony’ Transforms Soundscapes

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Singapore—Faye Webster has unveiled her highly anticipated fifth album, Underdressed at the Symphony, now available via Secretly Canadian. This new album explores the realm of emotional intimacy, blending desire and passion with comfort and understanding.

Through her ethereal vocals and intricate instrumentation, Webster delves into personal experiences, drawing from her own life, such as her eBay purchase history and coveted physical objects. The album’s title reflects Webster’s solace-seeking adventures amidst the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra crowd, offering both company and distraction in times of need.

Image Courtesy of Michael Tyrone Delaney.

Since her previous release, Webster has seen a surge in popularity, driven by viral success on TikTok, marking her ascent as a prominent figure in independent music, with over 7 million monthly Spotify listeners.

‘Underdressed at the Symphony’ embodies experimentation, playfulness, and adventurousness. “I think I hit a point in songwriting during this record where I was just like, man, I said a lot,” Webster reflects. “The record feels like a mouthful to me, but I don’t always have to be deep. I can just sit down and sing about this ring made of crystal Lego that I really want.”

Image Courtesy of Michael Tyrone Delaney.

In this album, Webster doesn’t provide answers nor embark on an epic journey of healing and self-care. Instead, she embraces living, documenting heartbreak and ridiculous moments until they blur into a reality felt by all. This album follows the trail of previously released singles, including “Feeling Good Today”, “Lego Ring (ft. Lil Yachty)”, “But Not Kiss”, and “Lifetime”.

‘Underdressed at the Symphony’ will be available on CD, cassette, black vinyl, and “Faye Blue” vinyl at retailers. A limited edition Blue & White Bullseye vinyl will be exclusively available via www.fayewebster.com.