Award-Winning Acapella Band The Wanted’s Latest: ‘Chubby! Chubby!’

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GLOBAL RELEASE—Award-winning Taiwanese acapella sensation, The Wanted, has just dropped their highly anticipated second album, “Chubby! Chubby!”.

Following the success of their groundbreaking first album, “Dear Adult,” which earned them the Best Vocal Group award at Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Melody Awards in 2021, The Wanted returns with a nine-track exploration into the concept of dieting, not in a physical sense, but as a metaphor for shedding the mental weight of stress and information overload in our daily lives.

Image Courtesy of The Wanted.

Led by the dynamic vocal bass Adi (信迪) and featuring sopranos Dodo and Rere, mezzo-soprano/rapper Chia (掐玉), and vocal percussionist/beatboxer Arnold (阿諾), the album delves into themes of information consumption with tracks like ‘Eat More (餵食秀)’ and emphasizes the importance of letting go of unnecessary burdens in ‘Shake Off (甩).’ The energetic title track, ‘Chubby,’ showcases the group’s exceptional talents, encouraging listeners to live joyfully and confidently.

Collaborating once again with award-winning producer Chia-Lun Yue (余佳倫), The Wanted’s commitment to innovation is evident in their dynamic arrangements, seamlessly blending various musical genres into their acapella medium. With an aim to create a streaming-friendly experience, “Chubby! Chubby!” promises to captivate mainstream audiences with its refreshing sound.

Formed in 2014, The Wanted has been at the forefront of revolutionizing acapella in Asia, incorporating unexpected sounds and elements from diverse genres into their music, from classical and jazz to folk, rock, and hip-hop. Their experimental sounds and genre-blending techniques have garnered them recognition in Taiwan and beyond.