Alt-Pop Star phem Drops ‘never goes down like that’ about ‘Bracing the Unexpected’

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SINGAPORE—Arriving with her new tearjerking song, the alt-pop star phem is finally returning to the spotlight. The rising singer released “never goes down like that” with the assistance of collaborator Ezekiel, and it’s clear they worked music magic in the studio.

Images courtesy of Amplified Entertainment

“This was a fun session,” phem shares. “I walked away from it thinking that the song was okay. And later when listening it kinda hit me harder then I remembered it. Almost like I needed to get it off my chest.” 

Images courtesy of Michael Tyrone Delaney/Hopeless Records

Images courtesy of Michael Tyrone Delaney/Hopeless Records

The song is about bracing for the unexpected, claims phem: “A lot of things hit me at once in my personal life. things I knew I needed to accept, things that were out of my control and things that I thought had a plan. you start to realize as you grow and move through life that nothing is for sure. you can’t expect anything.”

“never goes down like that” is available here for fans to enjoy and listen to.