How to Continuously ‘Switch’ it Up: A Guide by Anthony Rosaldo


From being hailed as Kapuso’s Pop Rocker, to his first jab at stage productions as ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo: The Musical’s young Hector, 29 year-old multi-hyphenate Anthony Rosaldo makes his way to the Music Museum for his first major solo concert.

As the adage goes, there is nothing impossible to him who tries. For 29-year-old band performer turned talent competition alum Anthony Rosaldo, hard work and grit over the years in the showbiz industry have undeniably served him well as we take a look at the milestones he has achieved as an artist in a relatively short time and even in the midst of the pandemic.

Aside from taking space in the first season of reality talent competition The Clash on his now home network, GMA 7, Rosaldo has showcased his talent not only on television, he has since upped the ante of his performance portfolio as young Hector in the highly-anticipated return of the historic original Filipino musical, Ang Huling El Bimbo: The Musical.

Now that we’re heading into a new year, Rosaldo’s growing list of accomplishments extends and takes leaps to greater heights as he holds his first solo major concert, bridging the gap since last setting foot at the Music Museum in 2019, aptly titled Switch: Anthony Rosaldo Live in Concert this January 31.

Photo credit: Raymond Cauilan via Anthony Rosaldo| SPARKLE GMA Artist Center

The inspirations that be

Starting from a young age when his interest in wanting to sing became present, Rosaldo often sang songs from Gary Valenciano and Christian Bautista—the quintessential icons off the contest regular’s handbook. In his adult years, he found himself adoring the genre of rock, having been exposed to this kind of music during his experiences with a band he was part of and in singing abroad. “There’s also pop, syempre we have to sing kung ano mga current hits,” shares Rosaldo as he talks about the influences he had in shaping his artistry. “Actually, feeling ko nga ngayon, bukod sa ballad, pop rock, mas buo na ako kumanta dahil naman sa teatro, nag-iba naman ang technique ko,” he adds, highlighting his recent development.

However, old habits tend to die hard, and he admits instances wherein people, the hardest critic of which being himself, still hearing the singing style he drew inspiration from veteran artists when he belts out a song. Despite that, his own distinct quality shines brighter as he gets to evolve as an artist, noting that he has become more than just a “belter” to the audiences, but a storyteller like the many acclaimed performers that have been around long before him.

“I think I am more of a storyteller na, there’s more puso when I sing, and to the words I enunciate, parang mas nabibigyan ko ng better meaning, so I think that’s my sound now,” he notes, later on acknowledging further that it is due to his involvement in theatre that helped him mature in a musical sense.

Photo credit: Raymond Cauilan via Anthony Rosaldo| SPARKLE GMA Artist Center

To his belt, Rosaldo has released four singles, many of which are GMA teleserye theme songs he has performed throughout his young career. There’s “Larawan Mo” and “Maghintay Ka Lamang” in 2019 (the latter being a revival piece), “Pwedeng Tayo” in 2020, and “Tama Na” in 2022.

However, he mentions that a hit song that every Filipino household would be familiar to and sing is in the horizon, sharing that it’s one of his goals. He leans towards the pop rock genre all the same, considering that as he mentioned, it is a part of his branding and what his heart screams for, proclaiming “I love performing rock on stage, I feel indestructible [when it’s rock]. I feel [that] I’m free, and I’m happy performing it.”

But the big switch in this career comes in the form of his whirlwind affair with theater. In a declaration, he says that he has officially been bitten by the theater bug. His participation in the three-month run of AHEB made such a positive impact on him. He tells us, “I would not trade that experience that I had last year kasi I owe it to them (AHEB) na natutunan ko yung lahat ng kailangan ko matutunan sa teatro,” before professing his admiration for theater. “I love theater already, I cannot wait to do more, and actually, excited ako to learn more kasi I will be working with new people, new cast, new production, bago na namang environment—syempre iba yung culture dun, so, excited ako in general.”

After being a cast member of AHEB, he’s now set to perform in the play “Rent ” premiering this 2024. With the pressure of performing onstage as an actor playing a new role slowly lifted, to him, it’s a more relaxed setting, “looking forward to whatever there is to come”. 

Switching things up

Photo credit: Raymond Cauilan via Anthony Rosaldo| SPARKLE GMA Artist Center

Now that the fear and uncertainty of the pandemic is a thing of the past and people are more open to the idea of attending live shows, Rosaldo reckons that it’s the perfect time for him to do another concert following his first one in 2019. It has been five years ever since, and as the number of his supporters multiply alongside the scope of his reach, he believes that holding a concert is a great opportunity to see the evolved artist in him who always ensures to present the best version of himself to the people.

The concept for “Switch” happened just November last year between him, his manager, John Paul Infante, and SPARKLE GMA Artist Center. “We came up with the title ‘Switch’ because it is, I think, the perfect word to describe what my career went through last year. I made a big switch from being in the mainstream TV to theater,” he enthuses.

Given that he’s aware not all of his fans who know him from television are familiar with his theater work, this serves as an opportune time to introduce them to his ‘other world’ that he equally relishes. “The main goal also is to make them fall in love sa theater like what happened to me. And those who fell in love with my artistry before my theater stint to see the other aspect of me,” he states. That’s why to him, he made sure to select popular, easily recognizable songs from musicals for his concert goers to still enjoy.

But more than all of that, his true aim is to have his supporters celebrate his fifth year in the showbiz industry with him, and although it’s not formally announced, his 30th birthday as well. He wants to share the happiness of reaching goals with the people who support him.

He highlights, “There are two reasons kung bakit panonoorin ka sa concert mo: number one, you are a supporter of the artist, you like and you love the artist is doing, and pangalawa, you go there kasi happy ka sa success and what’s happening sa career nung artist na sinusupport mo and you want to be a part of that,” which he truly wants to happen for his fans. 

Photo credit: Raymond Cauilan via Anthony Rosaldo| SPARKLE GMA Artist Center

On the subject of how involved he is to the preparation of his concert, he proudly declares an involvement that doesn’t only concern the song selection, but constantly collaborating with his arranger to how they want to go about the tracks he will sing to his ensembles for the concert, collaborating with designers like Francis Libiran, Ryan Chris, Jovan Dela Cruz, and Ulysses King. “What else? I am selling tickets, like personally,” he carries on with a laugh, deeming it as an act that he proudly does as he’s confident that he’s getting them their money’s worth.

With his commitment and eager mindset to step up his game in every chance he gets, Anthony Rosaldo is, in no way, showing signs of slowing down. In fact, he is just at the beginning of the very triumphant journey that lies ahead of him. He remains humble, uncomplacent, and unafraid to show his gratitude to his supporters, his team, and his family, who he notes is the very reason he always wants to thrive in what he does.

He shares with a smile, “I am [so] grateful, and I couldn’t have done all of these na nagawa ko without the support of, of course, them and my fans, and what keeps me going also is the fact that I am making my family happy and comfortable sa buhay nila; I am making my mom happy always, [I want to make her] feel loved, and she is my sole purpose bakit ko ginagalingan always, and sobrang answered prayer na yung lahat ng mga naibibigay ko sa kanya ngayon ay nabibigay ko na because it wasn’t that easy years ago. I’m glad because my dad and my kuya in heaven would be smiling because happy yung family ko at the moment, and they’re healthy, and they’re comfortable.”

For his plans in the future, although unsure about the rest, he is positive that only good things will happen as he knows beyond doubt that his heart will always stay where it is.

But who knows, right? The next time we hear the name of Anthony Rosaldo on the radio or on television, it might be because of the announcement of his hit single or a role he’s meant to play for a musical abroad. Whatever it may be, to him, it is and will always be because of his resilience and grit to do more not just in what he’s accustomed with, but where his grand potential brings him.