How to Celebrate Sakura Festival with the Strawberry Cream Mochi from Yoshinoya

Food & Drinks

MANILA, Philippines—In a recent menu tweak, Yoshinoya Philippines proudly unveils its latest creation, the Strawberry Cream Mochi as a delectable homage to Japan’s cherry blossoms, in celebration of the Sakura Festival.

During Japan’s Sakura season, families and friends gather for hanami, picnicking under cherry blossom trees, a cherished tradition bringing locals and tourists together to revel in the beauty of springtime.

Image Courtesy of Yoshinoya.

In honor of this tradition, Yoshinoya Philippines introduces the Sakura Season Special – Strawberry Cream Mochi. This delightful treat captures the elegance of cherry blossoms with soft vanilla mochi infused with juicy strawberry essence, adorned with elegant edible flowers, offering a burst of flavor with every bite.

To extend the celebration, from April 5th to April 15th, customers can enjoy a complimentary Strawberry Cream Mochi with a minimum purchase of Php 650 for Dine-In.

“We’re thrilled to witness our guests’ delight in the Strawberry Cream Mochi,” said Ned Bandojo, Business Development Head at Yoshinoya Philippines. “It’s our way of sharing a taste of Japanese culture with everyone.”

Savor the essence of the Sakura season with Yoshinoya Philippines’ Strawberry Cream Mochi, and seize this limited-time opportunity to experience the flavors of Japan’s cherry blossoms.