Web Exclusive: Boy, Interrupted by Filip Koludrovic


Twenty-two-year-old Croatian photographer, Filip Koludrovic joins Rank in an exclusive collaboration.

Overcoat, blazer, and trousers, all Zara. Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes, Dr. Martens.
Shearling denim jacket, Zara. Button-down shirt and denim pants, Penshoppe.
Neoprene pants and overcoat, Avel Bacudio.
Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger. Velvet blazer, Zara.
Jacket, Zara. Underwear, Bench Body. Bomber Jacket, Zara.
(L) Overccoat, Avel Bacudio. (R) Denim jacket, Penshoppe.


Produced and styled by Leo Balante

Photography by Filip Koludrovic

Grooming by Jinx Aggabao

Shot on location at the DHQ Studios