UPDATE: OPPO Reno3 Livestream Launch Cancelled

OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, recently issued an announcement on its plan to launch the Reno3 Series in the Philippines this March 2020.

Following the successful launch of the Reno3 Series – the world’s first Qualcomm-powered dual-mode 5G smartphone – in China and India at the end of last year, OPPO is now bringing the latest Reno3 and the Reno3 Pro to the Philippines. Intrinsically, to fit local market context, it will still mainly support 4G. However, it does come with some key breakouts as the result of OPPO’s consistent investment in user-centric technology.

With the Reno Series, OPPO promotes a well-balanced combination of technology and fashion. With powerful photography settings, Reno3 Series claims to deliver a clearer and crisper photo, given all kinds of lighting context. With Reno3 Series, more great details will be captured under the daylight, while dark scenes would be brighter through its cameras. Dim-light photography would not be a challenge any more with the powerful Ultra Dark Mode. Video shooting is made to be even smarter and simpler than before. From the first ray of sunlight at dawn to the silent night with only stars, Reno3 Series empowers users to discover, explore and capture more beauty in life through the application of technology innovation.

48MP Zoom Quadcam with Ultra Dark Mode

Reno3 is packed with a 48MP Zoom Quadcam, allowing it to answer well to different shooting requirements. Its  ultra-clear main camera allows photos to have wider zoom range and clearer details. Meanwhile, the Reno3 Pro is built with 64MP Quad camera and 64MP Ultra-clear Main Camera setup for a clearer, crisper image quality.

The AI-powered Ultra Dark Mode is also significantly increased from Reno2, designed to allow photography in dim light much easier and more compelling, even in low light setting, you can capture photos in full quality.

Pioneering 44MP Ultra Clear Front Camera

The Reno3 and Reno3 Pro are fully equipped with camera technologies, such as its 44MP Ultra Clear Front Camera that allows for a crisp selfie with you and your friends. The Reno3 Pro has the world’s first 44MP + 2MP Dual Punch-Hole Camera on OLED screen. This includes the 44MP Ultra Clear Front Camera that delivers high-definition selfies and  the 2MP Depth of Field Lens,  for a crisp, yet, natural looking selfie with a more accurate background gradient.

108MP Image Presents All Kind of Details

Both the Reno3 and Reno3 Pro will present Ultra Clear Image up to 108MP. It is the industry pioneer in using advanced software to level up the image quality. The Ultra Clear 108MP Image on Reno3 series will show you images captured with extreme clarity and quality. With the improvements on the dynamic range, details will be perfectly represented on your screen.

More details about the much anticipated Reno3 series will be unveiled during the local livestream launch this coming March 19, 2020. Additional details about the online launch will be announced soon.

**Article title duly updated with recent announcement of event cancellation issued by OPPO management, through its media agency in respect to nationwide advisory brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To know more about the upcoming Reno3 series, visit  www.oppo.com/ph or OPPO’s official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.