The Psychology of a Good Working Space: How this Co-Working Space Inspires Creativity and Productivity

We have long seen a shift in the workplace. No longer are concepts of going to an office confined to the age-old set up of four corners boxing an employee’s growth. For several years, we have seen how collaborative spaces result to more productive output from employees. Interestingly, these days, this does not just mean spending an entire day with people from the same company.

In recent years, co-working spaces have become a welcome innovation when it comes to the professional sphere. Multiple spaces built to inspire collaboration among business owners and companies have become a trend that has caught on and has, in fact, given birth to over 120 spaces in Metro Manila alone by the first quarter of 2019 alone. It has been made apparent that the demand for a more open and free set-up has fanned the fire of interest among companies spanning industries, size, and orientation.

Natural lighting gives this thriving co-working space a lot of breathing room to foster creativity and productivity. | Image from Work/With

This culture of innovation and collaboration fueled the birth of premier co-working space, Work/With. Nestled at the heart of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City, this thriving space has opened its doors to professionals and business operators, banking on a mission of creating a modern, forward-thinking space that inspires creativity and productivity.

“Work/With is a collaborative and open community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators in our shared workspace. We are all about bringing a conducive environment where every business owner, big or small, can readily enjoy a network of resources, services, and most importantly people, to help their business grow,” notes CEO Enes Turgut.

Private meeting rooms give professionals quiet spaces to work and be productive.
| Image courtesy of Work/With

Work/With promises a haven for entrepreneurs, startup visionaries, freelancers, and innovators of varying disciplines and backgrounds, inspiring diverse but like-minded individuals to thrive professionally fueled by creativity and flexibility.

“What we offer is a space that alleviates a business owner’s small troubles to aid in allowing them and their employees achieve optimum results in terms of their productivity. We give them a fully-equipped private work space with high-speed internet access, ambient music, free coffee, and even natural lighting to provide optimum office solution for upstarters and established business,” notes Sales and Marketing Manager Thea Estrella.

This spacious and full-glass function room allow natural light in to set the mood for business owners for meetings and even corporate functions | Image courtesy of Work/With

“I think that what we have is an understanding of not just giving a place for you to work, but building a space that allows productivity to foster among professionals and companies,” she adds. “We know that all of these elements, when crossed off the list of considerations for an office manager or a business owner, or even a freelancer, gives not just room to breathe but also frees up one’s goal to achieve optimum productivity. Not to mention, a penthouse address gives premium to your business.”

The lobby transforms into an event space that inspires professionals to network and be inspired. | Image courtesy of Work/With

Beyond these services, Work/With also stays true to its mission of giving a venue to expand one’s network and provide creative inspiration by housing events in its function rooms and even its rooftop, designed to inspire and connect professionals.

For more of how you can be the most productive in your chosen workplace, visit  Work/With’s official website for more information.