Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-jun Bring Us the Buddy-Cop Action-Comedy We Never Knew We Needed in ‘Bad and Crazy’

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GLOBAL RELEASEiQiyi is bringing its latest action-packed buddy-cop comedy K-drama Bad and Crazy starring Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha Jun. The new series is a heroic drama that follows capable but bad cop regaining his humanity after meeting the righteous but crazy colleague.

The latest iQiyi original K-drama series drops its latest trailer with two good polar opposites: one bad, one crazy who team up to fight against the evildoers of this world. Lee Dong Wook takes on the role of Ryu Su Yeol, a consequentialist police inspector looking to get ahead in life, and Wi Ha Jun’s crazy ‘K’ with an unknown origin. Unable to see eye-to-eye, the two are initially at loggerheads, but the two face their foes together, in what promises to be a thrilling journey.

In one of the scenes from the trailer, Wi Ha Jun bursts into the elevator in his helmet and scares Lee Dong Wook into a corner, their constant bickering and brawling somehow spark a ‘bromance’ between them. And as they join hands against those on the wrong side of the law, Lee and Wi fight seamlessly together and even find time to look each other in the eye, wink and grin. Their chemistry and many great action scenes make Bad and Crazy one to watch.

Production still courtesy of iQiyi

Joining the leads are Han Ji Eun (Lovestruck in the City, Be Melodramatic) and Cha Hak Yeon (Mine, Children of Nobody) also make their appearances in this trailer. Han Ji Eun plays hot blooded narcotics officer Lee Hui Gyeom who is fearless in the face of trouble, displaying strong kicks and punches, yet with the looks to charm Wi Ha Jun.

Cha Hak Yeon is in the role of kind and earnest junior police officer O Gyeong Tae who has no qualms stepping forward and is warm like a ray of sunshine. With the four stars showcasing each character’s different charms, expect an exciting collaboration that promises fireworks.

Production still courtesy of iQiyi

Watch the official trailer here:

Bad and Crazy is set to premiere on December 17, with new episodes simulcasting with Korea on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:50pm globally across 191 territories on the iQiyi International app and www.iQ.com