Rico Hizon Leads Business Insights Program ‘The Exchange’ on CNN Philippines

Screening Room

MANILA, Philippines — Following the government-imposed quarantine in response to the continuing threat brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the business sector has greatly suffered causing several, if not, a significant number of businesses across industries to close permanently, resulting greatly on the rate of unemployment not just in the Philippines but around the globe. While some are trying to bounce back and adapt to the new normal or even shift to a different venture, business owners and its workers are still faced with what appears to be an insurmountable cloud of uncertainties.

The political climate, monetary policies, and the changing nature of work brought upon by the pandemic continue to challenge the outlook of business leaders everywhere. With the global economic future at stake, companies are pushed to the wall and compelled to continue to evolve, diversify, and adapt while taking calculated risks that yield good returns.

This continuing evolution worth noting, CNN Philippines brings The Exchange, a 30-minute business program that breaks down the business news of the week both here and around the world.  But digging in deeper than the facts and the figures, the program sets out to give meaning to the cycle of ups and downs in business and the overall economy.

This will be highlighted primarily by conversations with captains of the industry and subject matter experts featured in the program. Anchored by CNN Philippines Senior Anchor Rico Hizon, The Exchange is set to premiere tonight, Friday, July 17 at 8:00 pm.

Program segments include Stock Tracker, which takes an insightful look at the stock market performance, Work-Life balance, which features CEOs and the complexities of his or her life outside the boardroom and Change Reaction, which shows how companies are re-setting, re-positioning, and innovating as they move forward, while having in mind, the social responsibility we have for each other.

On every given week, The Exchange will discuss the heart and soul of every business. We’ll look beyond financial news stories and tackle how exactly they impact our day to day lives said anchor and host Rico Hizon.

The Exchange with Rico Hizon airs Fridays at 8:00 pm on CNN Philippines. Watch it live via Free TV channel 9, Sky Cable channel 14, Cignal TV channel 10, and livestream through facebook.com/CNNPhilippines and CNNPhilippines.com