On the Fast Lane: Kelvin Miranda Steps Up to the Plate and Reflects on his Young, Fast-rising Dreams


The long wait is over. Kelvin Miranda, who first marked his name in the local entertainment industry as now-iconic Mark Sta. Maria in the Netflix global film Dead Kids, is on his steady way to show his local supporters what he’s made of–leading the charge in the next generation of charismatic leading men.

When asked about the best part of being an actor in this industry, newbie Kelvin Miranda, with less than two years of experience under his belt, said, “Mas naintindihan ko yung mga bagay na akala ko’y maliit na bagay lang. (“It gave me a deeper understanding on things that I thought **didn’t mean much.”)

Pero ang totoo masama man, mabuti, malaki o maliit, importante o hindi, kailangan natin pahalagahan dahil meron itong magandang idudulot sa atin pagdating ng panahon. Ito ang magtuturo sa’tin kung paano mamulat sa reyalidad, kung saan tayo lalakad.” (“But in truth, may it be good or bad, big or small, important or not, we need to value it because there’s still something good that could come out of it one day. [Acting] is what teaches me to open my eyes to the realities of this world in which we walk on.”)

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It was an honest answer to a question often asked to actors–freshmen and veterans alike. But what makes Miranda stand out in the industry is perfectly exemplified in his response—a deep understanding and respect for his craft that goes beyond a hunger for opportunities, talent, and passion, but with no shortage for such, either.

Kelvin Miranda, a young actor born in the last stretch of the ‘90s, primarily received a remarkable boost to his budding acting journey in the form of the first local film to be licensed and released on Netflix back in 2019: the riveting, teenage heist, Dead Kids.

“Sobrang laki ng impact sakin dahil ito talaga Dead Kids ang nagbigay sakin ng susi para makapagbukas ng mga pintuan para sa mga oportunidad.” (“Dead Kids really had a huge impact on me because it’s the project that opened so many opportunities my way.”)

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His portrayal of genius wallflower Mark Sta. Maria undoubtedly cemented his career to national stardom, given the huge success of the film in and out of the Philippines. Everybody kept a watchful eye on what else this newcomer has up his sleeves.

But in the years following the triumph of his first major role in film, Miranda stayed in small roles across a variety of projects without letting it crush his hopes and dreams. When asked about the pressures of keeping up the momentum of his career from that initial breakthrough, he admitted to having these small seeds of worry in his mind in light of the fleeting nature of the entertainment industry. Despite this, however, he held on to the understanding of his craft, and his deep regard for the unique value of acting that goes back to his answer above.

“Sakin, sa totoo lang, medyo meron ganung dating dahil nandito tayo sa loob ng industry. Kailangan pangalagaan yung market mo as an artist. Pero masaya din dahil kahit na may maliit na role naitatawid naman ng maayos at nagiging masaya naman ako dahil meron pa ring hatid na karunungan ang bawat karakter na ginagampanan ko.” (“For me, to be honest, there are worries like that because we’re in an industry where we need to take care of our market as an artist. But I’m happy, even with my small roles, because I’m able to do them well, and there’s still value, learning and integrity in each character I portray.”)

It’s this perseverance and heart that eventually led to Miranda’s next big break as the leading man of GMA News and Public Affairs’ latest romantic fantasy series, The Lost Recipe. According to the young actor, dreams is the main theme of the series, with his character of Harvey Napoleon dreaming of one day succeeding in the culinary world.

With hopes and dreams taking such a central role in Miranda’s newest project, it’s interesting to see how he could channel his years of personally waiting and wishing to portray his first role as a leading man. Admittedly, he also shared how this project came in at the perfect time, and catching him just as he was about to give up.

The Lost Recipe: Tikman Ang Bagong Timpla ng Philippine Drama!

Kung mabibigyan ng pagkakataon, babaguhin mo rin ba ang hinaharap?Ngayong January 18, ihahain na ang perfect recipe ng kakaibang love story! Ang bagong timpla ng Philippine drama, mapapanood na gabi-gabi sa GMA News TV! GMA Public Affairs proudly presents, 'The Lost Recipe'. 👨🏻‍🍳💖👩🏻‍🍳

Posted by GMA Public Affairs on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

“Yung time kasi na may audition yun yung time na sobrang down ko na sa sarili ko at gusto ko na sumuko sa mundo ng showbiz at bumalik nalang sa pag aaral. Siguro binigyan pa ako ng chance ng Maykapal para sabihin sakin na wag ako panghinaan ng loob.” (“At the time of the audition, I was so down and seriously considering giving up in the world of show business to return to my studies. Perhaps the Lord gave me this chance to tell me not to lose heart.”)

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The Lost Recipe definitely looks like a production compelling enough to give Miranda his much-deserved second coming, with hints of time travel showcased in its teaser and its recently-released full trailer. It’s a series made up of stories of dreamers, with storytelling that he proudly compared to the astounding works out of Korean Dramas.

“Sa totoo lang, ang gusto naman paratingin ng The Lost Recipe ay, wag basta susuko pagdating sa mga bagay na gusto mong gawin basta’t makakabuti at makakatulong sayo. Wag tumigil sa pag abot ng mga pangarap. Walang maliit o malaki sa taong may pangarap at pagsusumikap.” (“Honestly, what we want to convey with The Lost Recipe is to not give up when it comes to things you want to purse as long as it’s good and beneficial for you. Don’t stop going after your dreams, as there’s no such thing as big or small to a person who dreams and perseveres.”)

Black embroidered shirt and trousers, Kelvin Morales. Inner shirt, Edwin Tan.

From his personal journey of dreaming, wishing, and believing, this may exactly be the role that would propel Miranda’s career as an actor in the local entertainment industry, and beyond. One thing we know for sure is that for someone who sees acting as such an invaluable means to understand the world and its people, Kelvin Miranda has a bright future ahead of him where each role would be another precious space for him to explore, honor, and learn from.

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