Manchester-Based Pop Rock Band Denova Releases ‘Brighter Days’ in Light of These Trying Times


Earlier this year, young pop rock group, Denova, announced an upcoming visit to the Philippines. However, given the recent turn of events brought by the COVID-19 global pandemic, the band, along with its management, decided to put the tour to a halt–putting the safety and well-being of the band and its followers to the fore.

In light of this, earlier this month, Denova just released the single called “Brighter Days.” While the song is a few years old and one that customarily serves as an opening song during the band’s gigs, the release is aimed at bringing a positive and uplifting message in these trying times.

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Kevin Daos, the half-Filipino frontman and vocalist of Denova writes, “Brighter Days is a song I wrote when some people in my life were going through hard times. The song is an anthem and we want it to give the listener a feeling of hope, fight and triumph, and a reminder that even in our darkest days, the sunshine is just around the corner. 

Daos also shares, “It felt like a good time to release this song with everything that’s going on in the world right now and we really hope it helps the listener in any way!”

Image via Sindikato Management

Hailing from Manchester, Denova has been brought together by each of the band member’s proclivity for music. They have since played together way back when they were just kids and for the past 10 years have performed across the globe in various festivals in Canada and clubs in Manila.

With Daos are Luca Nardella on guitar, Sam Hardman on bass and Alix Foden on drums. Together, they have spent time endlessly developing their distinctively synth driven sound that they’re now ready to share with the masses, aiming to connect with people who share their passion for music. 

“We like our tracks to punch really hard, we want the energy to hit you in the face and the emotion to pull on your heart strings, it’s got to make you feel. In fact, more than feel, it’s got to shake you. We’ve tried to write a song that is chilled and vibey but it’s just not who we are,” the group notes.

Image via Sindikato Management

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