Unique Salonga Brings Self-Directed Psychedelic Dream with “Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit”

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Right at the tail-end of 2020, young singer-songwriter Unique Salonga released the music video for the track, “Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit“, one of the songs off his sophomore album PANGALAN: that was released during March 2020.

The music video, directed by the music prodigy himself, serves as an effects-heavy feature that uses textured, green dot “matrix-like” animation with abstract depth, made by the video’s editor and VFX supervisor Edsel Gabriel De Guzman, which has a surprisingly simple premise of Salonga being all on his own with only a similarly dressed mannequin to keep him company.

Still courtesy of OC Records

Aiding the musical genius in its direction is assistant director Rovan Cipriano, who was also the video’s producer and production manager, with the former’s longtime collaborator Zen Flores acting as its director of photography.

The ground crew for its production consists of gaffer and camera operator Marvin Pacua, lazy susan operators Bryan B. Paraiso and Reymond M. Gusi, and production assistant and safety officer Martin Riggs. And finally, Kean Cipriano, Lara Serena O. Cipriano, Vicente del Rosario Jr. ,and Verb Del Rosario acted as executive producers for the whole venture.

You can now watch the music video for Unique Salonga’s Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit on O/C Records’ official YouTube channel: