Songland Episode Finalist Jack Newsome Breaks New Ground with Debut EP ‘All Dressed Up’

Music & Recording

USA — After grabbing the attention of reality songwriting competition series Songland, Jack Newsome is back with his debut EP under 12Tone Music.

Newsome was part of the first season, working with Country singer/songwriter/producer Shane McAnally as his episode’s coach turned mentor in real life. As a finalist for his episode, Jack and Shane cut the smooth song “Lying (Next To You)” which cracked the one million mark on streaming platforms. The cut had elements of everything from Country to Trap, which truly displayed Jack’s versatility.

Jack Newsome, Photo courtesy of Circum-Navigate

Now, the 25-year old singer, songwriter, and producer is back with seven original tracks from his brilliantly creative mind, each one offering a different introduction to his blooming music career.

All Dressed Up track-list:

  1. All Dressed Up
  2. Friends
  3. Hurt People
  4. Easy On Me
  5. Arms
  6. The Year The World Stood Still
  7. All Dressed Up (Hot Mix)

Listen to All Dressed Up now: