PANTHEPACK Gives Us Flashing Lights and Dancing Pandas in ‘Gut Feeling’ Music Video Drop

Music & Recording

SINGAPORE– Hot off the heels of their explosive debut album release, Team Wang supergroup PANTHEPACK, featuring Jackson WangKarenciciICE and J.Sheon, has just dropped a brand new video for their track “Gut Feeling”. 

With bright flashing lights paired with an army of fluffy dancing pandas, the powerful visuals invite viewers to immerse themselves in the positive vibes of the track. “Gut Feeling” is lifted off PANTHEPACK’s debut album ‘The Pack” and with a strong highlight to Karencici’s laidback flow juxtaposed seamlessly by the vocals showcased by the rest of the male members of the group.

Image courtesy of Team Wang

Despite the drastically different aesthetics compared to the previously released sci-fi focused “BUZZ” and the bright and free-spirited “Pull Up”, there is a common thread between the visuals – each video perfectly showcases the dynamic chemistry between the group, with each member bringing their own signature style to the table.

PANTHEPACK’s debut album ‘The Pack’ was released on all streaming platforms just last September, and immediately swept the #1 position across seven markets on iTunes including Hong Kong and Singapore.

Not long after, on September 19th, despite the hustle and bustle of Mid-Autumn Festival, the frenzy of PANTHEPACK’s incredible fanbase caused their presale chart to soar to the #1 position within the first thirty minutes of their physical pre-order announcement.

Equally ambitious and dedicated to pushing new boundaries, the members of PANTHEPACK serve up a power-packed sensory-filled, musical experience on their debut album “The Pack”.  

Watch the video here: