Femme Fatale J-Nine ‘I Hate Boys’, A Message Teaching Them How To Treat Girls Right

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MANILA, Philippines — MCA Music recording artist J-Nine may look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but don’t be fooled, because beneath her feminine exterior is a fearless, powerful woman who tells it like it is. On her second single “I Hate Boys,” J-Nine sings about teaching boys how to treat a girl right. 

“As an artist, I don’t really care that much about yung panlabas na anyo,” she says. “Yes, I look and sound sweet. Personally, mahinhin ako. My voice is sweet, and I can’t change it like the way other singers make themselves sound powerful when they sing. But the way I express myself as an artist and a person is what makes me powerful.”

“I Hate Boys” by J-Nine, Art courtesy of MCA Music

When “I Hate Boys”—written by singer-songwriter Gab Tagadtad of the band Unit 406—was presented to her, J-Nine fell in love with it because it matched her own outlook on relationships perfectly.

J-Nine believes that men need to treat women well. According to her, if a man doesn’t make time for a woman, or if he treats her poorly, he needs to go. She says that if you’re a girl and you’re in a great relationship with your boyfriend, that’s wonderful. But the moment things go downhill, cut your losses. Consider him a lesson learned and move on.

A key line in the song goes, “Boy, love me like a woman.” According to J-Nine, that’s something every man should do in a relationship.

“When a man comes into your life and loves you the right way, yung hindi siya inconsistent at wala siyang ginagawang sneaky stuff—like if he’s not a cheater or whatever, that’s what I mean. Many guys are affectionate. Many guys are excellent at showering you with gifts or whispering sweet nothings into your ear. But not all guys have the right intentions. Not all guys can love you the way a woman deserves to be loved.”

J-Nine knows whereof she speaks. “I’ve had my share of heartaches kaya I learned to be independent and to fight for what I want. That’s why I’m still here, making the most of life by pursuing my dreams.”

She’d like to collaborate with the likes of Gloc-9, Darren Espanto, Moira dela Torre, Sam Concepcion, and Zack Tabudlo. 

J-Nine, Photo courtesy of MCA Music

Born Janine Castillo, MCA Music dubbed her J-Nine after she signed on to become one of its artists. She says her stage name was derived from her childhood nickname.

“My family and friends would call me ‘Ja9,’ or ‘Nine,’ so I’m used to it. I’d prefer to be known as J-Nine from now on, because we all know that the name ‘Janine’ is common in the industry ngayon. Also, I think when people hear the name ‘J-Nine,’ they usually think of a guy. It’s very hip-hop, eh. So I want to be the first female artist with ‘Nine’ in her name, para kahit papano my stage name is very me pa din.”

J-Nine wants the pandemic to end soon so she can get out there and sing “I Hate Boys” with a band and a live audience. In the meantime, she hopes women everywhere will realize their worth when they listen to her single.

Watch J-Nine’s ‘I Hate Boys’ Official lyric video below: