Here’s To Better Days and Youthful Memories with ‘The Forgotten Ones’ by Mandaue Nights

Music & Recording

CEBU, Philippines — In March, Cebuano synthpop band Mandaue Nights’released their comeback single The Forgotten Ones after an agonizing, one-year hiatus. 

The new single, which tells a nostalgic story of remembering better days and youthful memories, features both Bisaya and English lyrics, and surprises with Gino Rosales’ (who typically does instruments and support) first time to provide vocals for a Mandaue Nights track. 

Image courtesy of Mandaue Nights

Bursting with a 2000s-inspired sound and nostalgia, the track shows a fresh and new sound for the band that they hope will surprise listeners new and old alike. This new era for Mandaue Nights shows them experimenting with new sounds and genres; a departure from their usual synthpop and electronic sound. 

Mandaue Nights wishes that this new single will give people feelings of hope and optimism during these hard times, and that we can all look back to our joyful moments in the past in the hopes of making more in the future. 

Mandaue Nights is a Cebuano synthpop duo composed of Karl Lucente and Gino Rosales. 

Listen to the track below: