Careless Reimagines Nadine Lustre’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ with a Hypnotic Dance Remix

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As if we didn’t get enough serving off her much buzzed-about visual album, our favorite queen, Nadine Lustre, together with Careless, released a remixed version of her single “Wildest Dreams”, the title track of her latest album.

Just last October 2020, in the midst of the unprecedented community quarantine, “Wildest Dreams” slayed with an accompanied 33-minute visual experience that featured 6 of the 12 tracks through music videos held together by a theatrical, empowering narrative tied altogether with its titular track.

Layered with elements of Philippine folklore, the complexities of stardom, nature, and the mystery of the universe, the entire video walks you through Nadine’s self-reflections told in a cohesive and entrancing tale. This visual album successfully accumulated more than 1.5 million views not more than a week after it was released. 

Album art courtesy of Careless/Brooklyn Industries

Wildest Dreams (The Sun Is Falling Remix)overlays the original “Wildest Dreams” track’s melancholic and dreamy tone with deep house and EDM beats, giving the crossover a dark yet high-spirited, electronic sparkle, drawing listeners in with its hypnotic dance beats and dynamic melodic rearrangements. 

The dance track then comes with a scorching hot live dance rendition video produced by Careless that was released on February, 9, 2021. Combining their artistry, talent, and passion, Lustre shows off dancing chops that matched the verve of internationally-renowned dance crew, A-Team, shot in Jordan Manila, the Philippines’ first-ever Jordan store. 

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