Callalily Seeks to Shine Some Light in the Time of the Pandemic with New Song ‘Ilaw’

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As the world continues to slowly recover from the wake of the still ongoing pandemic, Filipino alternative rock band Callalily hopes to shine some light to this weary situation with the release of their latest single “Ilaw“, under O/C Records on all leading digital platforms.

For almost a year that we’ve been limited from seeing each other, the band releases a single that everyone can relate to as we continue longing for people that we want to be with and spend time with soon.

Image courtesy of O/C Records

The song also serves as a reflection of the band, with live shows and all kinds of social gatherings still prohibited, meeting the fans live and its members seeing each other in person, making for an emotionally and creatively challenging situation to all the people and artists respectively.

With “Ilaw“, written by prominent US based Filipino composer and songwriter Anna San Juan, Callalily brings us hope that we will all get through the pandemic and see each other again with all the burning passion they can give to those who’ve stuck and loved them through all these years.

Album art courtesy of O/C Records.

But for now, all we can do is do our part and wait for things to get better.

Listen to “Ilaw” by Callalily on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music, now: