Online Comedic Genius Davao Conyo Shares His Secret in Creating Content

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MANILA, Philippines—Having to navigate the changing world of content creation is a difficult task, but Phillip Hernandez, also known as Davao Conyo, the CEO of sleek promotions on Facebook and TikTok, has found his rhythm and a dedicated audience of over 4 million social media followers.

Phillip gladly shared his journey from doing Bisaya dub videos to crafting original skits for all types of Pinoy audiences in an interview with broadcast host Jing Castaeda during her online show PamilyaTalk with Tita Jing. He has now moved from Davao to Metro Manila in order to take full advantage of more opportunities and inspire others to explore content creation as well.

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According to Him, one of the most important tools for his job is a home internet subscription that is swak for his budget and needs. Switching to the brand SKY Fiber has saved him numerous times.

A reliable internet connection allows him to balance his fast-paced career and lifestyle, from conducting live video streams around his home to communicating with his family back home in Davao.

Phillip values connecting with his audience through his content more than having a reliable internet connection for work and daily life. Here are three of the most noteworthy tidbits he shared during the PamilyaTalk episode:

Content creation should be easy

Maintaining your momentum requires that you enjoy what you’re doing. If it’s hard, you’ll get bored with it. So, feel free to use basic props and a smartphone if that’s what you need to get the job done.

“We’re in the day and age where your videos don’t have to be polished as long as it’s relatable,” Phillip explained. He noticed how viral videos don’t always have the best production value because people care more about the story.

Take advantage of your good days

It can be difficult to create content at times because inspiration does not always strike. Phillip’s favorite trick is to squeeze all of his creativity out on his good days. He’d jot down all of his ideas in a notebook so he could refer to them whenever he needed inspiration.

He would sometimes stop in the middle of a task to research and expand on his ideas. Fortunately, he has a constant internet connection throughout his home.

“If your mind works fast, everything around you should be able to catch up, including your internet speed.”

It’s nice to use your voice, but you need to choose your battles

The internet can be offputting, especially when you are exposing so much of yourself to the public eye. Phillip responds by reminding internet users to stay true to themselves while also picking their battles. You don’t have to deal with everything at once or be present at every issue, trend, or event.

Audiences and brands connect with creators who are genuine and authentic, but keep in mind that you can be genuine without jeopardizing your well-being or privacy. At the same time, as content consumers, we must uphold the responsibility of being responsible internet users.

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