You Can Add This to Your Self-Care Routine While on Quarantine

As the uncertainty of living in quarantine for an extended period of time comes to wear people down, physically, more so, emotionally and mentally, there are still a number of ways we have learned to resort to, in order to bring a certain sense of normalcy, even in this time of anxiety.

Be it by constantly communicating with family, friends, and colleagues online, catching up on that K-drama binge, succumbing to homemade food trips, or getting sucked into the whole outrageous TikTok universe, there’s always a way to find even the slightest form of comfort from doing things that remind us of how we are before the pandemic and the lockdown. Among this, sticking to your usual self-care routines prior to the quarantine putting everything to a halt, is one of the many ways we can preserve a sense of what was there before.

While many, if not, most of us are compelled to stay at home, part of that conscious effort to keep ourselves fit and healthy should involve caring for our skin. In fact, for those who are fortunate enough to manage to stay at home during this lockdown, this may actually be an opportune time to keep your skincare regimen on check.

For starters, time away from all the pollution can actually help rid external factors that contribute to the wear and tear that befalls on your skin. For the brightening line, Peony Bright, hailing from Korean Aesthetic Skincare Brand AHC, its product line-up is clinically proven to improve skin pigmentation and reduce spots in four weeks. Known for its innovative skincare technology, the skincare brand promises glowing skin with the use of pink peony flowers that are sourced from Gangwon-do, a region in Korea that is famed for its pristine beauty.

AHC follows a Korean Ferment technology, an essence extraction technology that undergoes a meticulous process–starting by picking and aging pink peonies, then vaporizing its moisture in the aged flowers, followed by extracting its essence at a low temperature. After the essence is aged and fermented again, it proceeds to the final enrichment phase that produces the ultimate essence.

Whether a product is to be used on its own or alongside any other products under the range, the Peony Bright line helps dull skin achieve undeniable healthy radiance.

From deep cleansing and intensive brightening to immediate tone-enhancement, the Peony Bright range provides a 3-step brightening routine with products that meets specific skin needs of Filipinas.

Step 1: Removal of skin impurities

What to use:

With enzymes from pineapple and papaya, the Peony Bright Deep Cleansing Foam gives for a total cleansing as its elastic foam works on dead skin cells and other dirt that’s deep into the pores, for fresh and clear skin. It also vitalizes the skin through pink microalgae among other ingredients that restore skin health.

For application, dispense about a 1cm (diameter) amount onto the hand and lather with water. Massage the foam onto the face and neck in a circular motion, then thoroughly wash off with lukewarm water.

Aside from removing residue and softening the skin, the water-type Peony Bright Clearing Toner serves as a good post-cleansing product as it also refines and hydrates the skin through the perfect mixture of mannitol, papain, bromelain, xylinum, pink microalgae, and black tea ferment.

For application, after cleansing, dispense 4-6 dashes onto hand or cotton pad and gently apply over the entire face in an outward wiping motion. Lightly dab until fully absorbed.

Peony Bright Deep Cleansing Foam, PHP 1,699

Peony Bright Clearing Toner, PHP 1,799

Step 2: Intensive skin brightening

What to use:

Working for thorough skin brightening, the Peony Bright Luminous Serum is packed with vitamin C that boosts natural pink radiance. Aside from its moisturizing formula that rejuvenates the skin, the nutrients of the instant tone-changing serum are quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky residue. For application, after using the toner, dispense 2–3 dashes and gently apply along the contours of the skin. Lightly dab until it gets fully absorbed.

With three botanical ingredients, the Peony Bright Spot Corrector comes with fast, stable, and non-sticky absorption along with a rich cream formula that helps fade the appearance of dark spots, freckles, and other pigmentation. It also contains 3% Niacinamide, which is essential for brighter, blemish-free complexion. For application, after using the serum, dab a small amount onto areas of concern and gently rub in a circular motion.

The Peony Bright Luminous Serum, PHP 2,099

The Peony Bright Spot Corrector, PHP 1,799

Step 3: Immediate tone-enhancement

What to use:

Get brilliantly bright skin with the revitalizing multipurpose cream that can be used as a daytime moisturizer, as well as a night cream. As it helps bring back the natural bright tone in dull skin, the hydrating tone-up cream also has a special formula that energizes the skin while it gives clinically proven 24-hour brightening care. For application, after using the serum or spot corrector, dispense 3–4 scoops with an enclosed spatula and apply evenly over the entire face. Lightly dab until fully absorbed. Overnight use is also encouraged.

Each product under the Peony Bright range is clinically-proven to be hypoallergenic and can improve skin pigmentation and melanin quickly, with regular use.

The Peony Bright Toning Up Cream, PHP 2,449

With AHC Philippines’ #SimplifyBeauty philosophy, you don’t have to go through an extensive mix of products and multi-step regimens to glow with brighter skin. With the Peony Bright’s brightening care, they can achieve their very own #KBeautifulBloom in four weeks just like Korean superstar and AHC ambassador, Oh Yeon Seo who testifies by the line.

AHC’s Peony Bright line, now available in the Philippines at all Watsons branches nationwide. It is also available on Shopee, BeautyMNL and the brand’s official Lazada page.

For more information on AHC, visit You can also check out AHC on their social media pages. FB: AHC Beauty Philippines | IG: | YT: AHC Beauty Southeast Asia