Pioneers of Sound: Urbandub’s 20-Year Rock and Roll Celebration

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MANILA, Philippines—Cebuano rock icons Urbandub celebrate 20 years in the OPM scene, earning recognition as the “Giant Sound of the South” for their powerful music since forming in 2000.

To mark this milestone, the band collaborated with Warner Music Philippines to make their complete discography accessible online. Last August, they digitally released their debut album “Birth” alongside a reimagined version named “Rebirth.”

Image Courtesy of Amplified Entertainment.

Fast forward to November 10, Urbandub’s acclaimed second album “Influence” with hits like “Soul Searching” and “A New Tattoo” hit digital streaming platforms. Jett Galindo of Bakery LA remastered all tracks, preparing for a vinyl release under Backspacer Records.

Urbandub will perform “20 Years of Influence” on November 24, 2023, at 123 Block, Mandaluyong City. The show features supporting acts AOUI and Totâ. Regular tickets cost PHP 1000, while VIP Tickets at PHP 5000 include a shirt and a vinyl copy, available through Urbandub’s social media.

Image Courtesy of Amplified Entertainment.

Two decades in the ever-changing music scene is no small feat, yet Urbandub has navigated it effortlessly. The unwavering support from their fans, known as Dubistas, is pivotal. Their music, akin to a new tattoo, leaves a lasting mark in hearts and minds, inviting more Filipinos to experience and rock out to their tunes.

“Influence” is now on digital streaming platforms, and vinyl copies are available via Backspacer Records. Stream and follow Urbandub on your preferred platforms: