A Recent Study from Bumble Highlights Filipinos’ Search for Ideal Partner as  the Holidays Approach

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MANILA, Philippines—The results of a recently commissioned study on traveling and holiday dating among single adults in the Philippines have been revealed by the women-first dating and social networking app, Bumble.

As Filipinos begin to plan when and where to put up their Christmas trees, Bumble discovered that 56% of them are looking for a long-term relationship now that most pandemic protocols have eased and more establishments are open for face-to-face interactions, with only 5% saying they do not want to date at all. Despite the fact that nearly half (49%) of those polled say they are more concerned now than before the pandemic.

APAC Communications Director of Bumble, Lucille McCart. Photo courtesy of Bumble.

Two out of every five Filipinos are looking for a companion as the holidays approach. The study also revealed that 27% of individuals desire a date to bring to family gatherings and that 12% of people would date for gifts.

The expression, “Wala ka pa ring jowa?”  or “You don’t have a spouse yet?” can be a cruel comment for certain people; 11% of Filipinos reported their desire to have a companion owing to family pressure, with single male Millennials being the most susceptible cohort (14%) to this tendency.

Filipinos were asked why they would bring a date to a family event, and the top answers were family pressure” (cited by 23% of respondents) and being the only single person there” (23%).

Lucille McCart and the host Mica Pineda. Photo courtesy of Bumble.

“We know that dating in this post-Covid world can feel anxiety inducing, as people can feel out of practice and more self-conscious than they felt prior to the pandemic. Looking for love can also be stressful during the holidays when there are increased social and cultural pressures. The good news is that Filipinos still love love, with the majority wanting to make connections in the coming months. With so many people open to meeting someone, we are bound to see many Bumble success stories born from this holi-dating season. Apps like Bumble are a great way to get back into the dating scene, and we are excited to empower women in the Philippines to take control of their dating journey and make the first move,” APAC Communications Director of Bumble, Lucille McCart shared.

The holidays are not only prime dating season; they are also an perfect time to travel. Men (72%) are slightly more likely than women (68%) to seek a holiday romance while traveling. To find their holiday romance, the majority of Filipinos (38%), followed by online or apps (35%), turn to tourist activities.

When asked, nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents said they are open to and will consider using dating apps while traveling, with more than one in every four polled saying they have used and connected with people through dating apps in the past.

Lucille McCart and Dr. Margie Holmes. Photo courtesy of Bumble.

“Research in neuroscience and psychobiology consistently confirms that we are innately social beings and that meaningful relationships help us thrive. However, despite our sincere attempts to connect with others, we sometimes make mistakes. Yet because we are wired to connect, we continue to seek healthy and equitable connections with others. Bumble is certainly admirable for providing everyone, especially women, with the means to do so. With their efforts, more women are empowered to do something about connecting and to create their own luck,” shared Bumble’s relationship expert, clinical psychologist Dr. Margie Holmes.