Manila Welcomes the Under Armour Combine Fitness Competition

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MANILA, Philippines—After a successful debut last year, Under Armour is thrilled to announce the return of the UA COMBINE, one of the region’s premier fitness competitions, for its second year. This reaffirms Under Armour’s commitment to establishing the ultimate benchmark for athlete performance. The inaugural UA COMBINE last year attracted 1,200 participants across four countries in the region: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia.

The upcoming 2023 edition will bring together athletes from various sports and training disciplines at the iconic SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. Here, they will push their limits and compete against fellow athletes in the Philippines for a chance to win a substantial cash prize pool totaling PHP 680,000.

Competitors participating in the UA COMBINE last year

Image Courtesy of Under Armour.

In an exciting development, Under Armour is lowering the entry age to inspire younger athletes, between the ages of 16 to 18, to participate. The top male and female youths in this age group stand a chance to win Under Armour products worth PHP50,000 each.

Mark your calendars for November 19, 2023, when the UA COMBINE 2023 is set to take place. Registration is now open for 350 competitors, and all participants will receive a complete set of Under Armour competitor gear on the event day. Join us for this ultimate test of athleticism.

The UA COMBINE features eight physical and mental tests, designed by Under Armour’s Global Head of Athlete Performance, Michael Watts. These tests challenge athletes in agility, stamina, vertical jump, power, endurance, strength, speed, and cognition.

Competitors earn points for each completed test, and their final rankings determine the winners. The top three athletes in both men’s and women’s divisions receive cash prizes of PHP200,000, PHP100,000, and PHP40,000, along with medals.

The tests include:

  1. Agility: Agility Star Drill
  2. Stamina: Pull-up Beep Test
  3. Vertical Jump: Vertical Jump Test
  4. Power: 20m Sled Push
  5. Endurance: 20m Beep Test
  6. Strength: 3RM Bench Press
  7. Speed: 40 Yard Dash
  8. Cognition: Reactive Intelligence Wall

Fitness performance redefined

UA COMBINE Singapore 2022 women’s overall winner, Amanda Lim, pushing her limits at the pull-up beep test

Image Courtesy of Under Armour.

UA COMBINE 2023 has enhanced test precision for better athletic performance evaluation. The standing vertical leap test now uses force plates for accurate upward propulsion measurements. The cognition station introduces the Reactive Intelligence Wall, with participants tapping blue pods to measure reaction time and decision-making in 30 seconds, akin to Formula 1 and NBA athletes.

“Under Armour is a performance-driven brand that constantly pushes the boundaries of human performance to enhance athletes’ capabilities. With the UA COMBINE, we not only celebrate the achievements of Filipino athletes but also set new standards for what we can all aspire to achieve,” stated Justin Olivares, Marketing Director for Under Armour South Asia-Pacific.

Represent your fitness community

Participants are encouraged to create groups of four to compete both individually and as a team. Individual scores will be combined to calculate a team score, and the team with the highest score will win PHP80,000 worth of Under Armour gear.

For additional details on UA COMBINE 2023, including competition rules and registration information, please visit the official website at or follow @underarmourPH on Instagram using #UACOMBINEPH