Gridlock Escape: Monkey Mixer Van’s Recipe for Turning Roads into Parties

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MANILA, Philippines—As we eagerly look forward to the holiday season, marked by vibrant nights out in Manila, there’s a potential joy-killer that lurks – the fear of being ensnared in traffic before the revelry commences.

Here comes the Monkey Mixer Van to the rescue. Providing a dynamic on-the-go experience, it guarantees that you can revel in lively nights despite maneuvering through the city’s congested roads. Monkey Shoulder, the 100% malt whisky designed for mixing, extends an invitation to the young at heart to embrace the #MakeItMonkey spirit. So, hop on board and let the party kick off right from the road.

Image Courtesy of Monkey Shoulder.

Begin your evening by kicking off the festivities at the pop-up bar next to the Monkey Shoulder Christmas Tree in BGC, then set the tone for a memorable night by hopping onto the Monkey Mixer Van for a bar crawl across Metro Manila.

Image Courtesy of Monkey Shoulder.

Anticipate the delectable Monkey Shoulder cocktails awaiting you at each bar stop as the onboard party gets underway. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of your favorite tunes, take charge as the night’s DJ, and indulge in party snacks while savoring the delightful OMG cocktails – a delicious blend of Monkey Shoulder and Dry Ginger Ale, garnished with an orange wedge. With the Monkey Mixer Van, you’ll soon find yourself blissfully unaware of any traffic woes.

When and How to Dive into the Fun

  1. Purchase a single bottle of Monkey Shoulder from select participating bars. With this, you stand a chance to win two (2) tickets for the Monkey Mixer Van, but make sure to register promptly. Limited slots are available, and terms and conditions apply.
  2. Opt for convenience by buying two bottles from featured e-commerce partners such as Boozeshop, Boozy, Flasked, and Soju Express to snag two (2) tickets for an unforgettable experience.

Participants must be of legal drinking age. Each adventure includes stops at three bars in the area, where participants will be treated to a delightful Monkey Shoulder cocktail at each venue.

#MakeitMonkey Pop-Up at BGC

Image Courtesy of Monkey Shoulder.

If you’d rather steer clear of the traffic hustle, the Monkey Shoulder Mixing Tree and Pop-Up Bar at Bonifacio Global City present a whimsical and playful alternative.

Image Courtesy of Monkey Shoulder.

Open from November 8, 2023, until the year’s end, this unconventional installation extends beyond being a mere pop-up bar. Catering to both shoppers and cocktail enthusiasts, it serves up delightful Monkey Shoulder concoctions skillfully crafted by our cocktail elves. As an added bonus, anticipate engaging in a community mural activity and relishing a silent disco.

This season, Monkey Shoulder is redefining the art of celebration, offering a unique blend of on-the-road excitement and delightful libations. Whether you opt for a ride on the Monkey Mixer Van or decide to visit the Christmas Tree Pop-Up Bar, get ready for a memorable and joyous holiday experience.