Chris Nick Springs Forward with a Bold, Elegant Awakening in New Eveningwear Collection


For young, rising designer, Chris Nick Delos Reyes, behind the lustrous label, Chris Nick, imagining life post-pandemic is as taxing as it is necessary, and his Spring/Summer 2021 collection speaks of an adage to a time when the ominous veil of fear and doubt would then be lifted, and the fun, flirtatious, modern Filipina could come out and socialize, dressed to the nines.

MANILA, Philippines —Staying over a year in lockdown is a daunting, unforeseeable situation, especially with a fast-paced life we have all been engineered to live. With the disruptive halt that not only imprisoned us in the four corners of our rooms, left with our own devices found only at the “comfort” of our own homes, things are bound to implode.

For young, rising designer, Chris Nick Delos Reyes, behind the lustrous label, Chris Nick, imagining life post-pandemic is as taxing as it is necessary, when all we can do is to look forward to a time when the ominous veil of fear and doubt would then be lifted. He wrote on the release of his Spring/Summer 2021 collection, “It is hard to imagine what we will want to wear once this is all over since the world of fashion has been in a sort of pause but I am very optimistic still for the future of fashion.”

Portrait by Advan Ramirez
As seen in A Beautiful Merge: Bridging Old Hollywood Flair with Modern Filipina Edge by Chris Nick

From afar, the new collection displays a mirage of blacks, ivories, with subtle, minimalist lines, and patterns, but a closer look at the pieces, designed amid the COVID-19 quarantine, as per the designer himself, are strong declarations of women’s fluidity, sensuality, and innate beauty shown in evening wear that can be used as wardrobe staples.

In a release, he wrote, “I began designing collection late last year and due to COVID-19 restrictions, issues have sprung up delays in both production and release but that didn’t stop me from thinking about how much I wanted to see glamour again.” He adds, “I wanted people to have fun, to dress up again, if not dress up right this minute at least to be able to create something that would inspire — that would reignite. The past year, we’ve all been dressing up in loungewear and although I have nothing against it, we all know I do love a bit of extravagance. After being “locked up” for so long, who wouldn’t want that? At least an escape.”

Sheer full sequined long-sleeved evening gown with hand-embellished ostrich feather cuffs and a low-back cut-out.

Houndstooth panuelo paired with a houndstooth tube micro dress with pocket details and cinched with a leather belt.

The Spring/Summer collection, for the young designer, is an adage to the many frustrations we might have right now of being cooped up in our own homes, staying away from the social lives we are meant to have as human beings, with strict protocols getting in the way and just our general precaution of keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and sane fighting an unknown, but growing enemy. “The need to explore without fear. A world without restrictions and limitations — a world from not too long ago.”

With a creative and stylistic nod to the sixties, the 16-piece collection banners sleek lines, distinctively Chris Nick’s, with a minimalist touch that champion femininity without having to scream extravagance and opulence. In it, sequined micro skirts, chiffon blouses, leather corsets, fully-sequined tailored sequined jackets, ostrich feathers, and more.

Full sequined evening gown with a cashmere wool panuelo.

Of this design line-up Delos Reyes highlights, “Taking inspiration from [the] sixties for this season—micro skirts, coordinates, doll-like eyes, and a nod to the mod fashion of the sixties. Mixing soft and hard elements to contrast pieces for the modern day Edie Sedgwick or Patti Boyd. Reimagining how the Filipiniana butterfly sleeves and the panuelo could be worn—making it cool again. All while still maintaining that certain elegance and sophistication.”

Fully sequined tailored dinner jacket with oversized duchess satin lapels paired with a full sequined bandeau.

Silk chiffon gathered long-sleeved micro dress, cinched with a leather corset belt.

In a time of darkness and a seemingly bleak future ahead, Chris Nick vows to celebrate and embody a sexy, little, flirty goddess even in the midst of an unprecedented crisis—putting an unapologetic woman with lots of attitude to the fore and saying, “Why the hell not?”

He adds, “I wanted to see women in sexy, fun, little, flirty numbers. I love it when women aren’t afraid to be strong and sensual—there’s a certain allure to a confident woman. A woman who disregards the norm of the society, [especially] here in the Philippines.

Cashmere wool bodysuit with Filipiniana butterfly sleeves and satin silk bow detail.

Cashmere wool-base micro dress with a full hand-embellished ostrich feather detailing.

Check on Chris Nick’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection, now live on his website. Learn more about the designer and the brand on Instagram via @_chrisnick.