INFOGRAPHIC: How to Navigate the Process of Reimbursements For Transactions Before the Pandemic

We live in difficult times right now. As we tread into the uncharted waters of the new normal, a lot of things we have long since lived with and enjoy before the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a tectonic shift.

Apart from the sense of uncertainty and anxiety on things like our health and safety and, of course, our financial viability and stability after the quarantine, the return to life as we know it seems too far-fetched and too bleak a notion. But it still needs to be faced, as we all know.

Around this time last year, many, if not, most of us may have made plans for a trip for a summer holiday and all that it comes with for a little break. Given today’s context, while the cancellations of our plans may seem minuscule compared to the many struggles we have to face with, it is the processes of getting your money back from paid-for transactions that may seem like a taxing task ahead.

In this light, Mastercard shares an infographic to guide consumers on how to navigate the process of reimbursements and refunds on transactions made before the pandemic.