All the New and Classic Flavors to Try and Fun Merch to Cop this Season in Starbucks

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MANILA, Philippines—With the rainy season officially here, a chit-chat with friends at your usual coffee spot may be the next best thing to a means to connect and with warmth and fond memories. Starbucks, of course, will not let you bid goodbye to summer as it makes a case for its never-ending fun with their newly-introduced drinks, food, and returning classics that, for certain, will not make you forget your hot girl summer era.

Rounding up these change-of-the-season offerings, get your eyes and taste buds enticed with Starbucks’ new delectable flavors and vibrant, innovative collections.

Beverages to try and love

New! Starbucks Refreshers

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Starbucks treats you to a colorful and summery ride with their new Refreshers line. Here’s the new coolers that may be added to your list of favorite drinks as these are perfect for sipping while refreshing the memories of when you were sitting under the blazing heat of the sun.

Strawberry Açai with Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers™

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

The embrace of the summer breeze can already be felt in this very new caffeine-infused Starbucks Refresher that is a concoction of fresh fruit juice of real strawberries and acai, added with sweet strawberry bites, and balanced with a zing of lemonade. This may be your next Starbucks go-to order if you’re into citrusy drinks, but made extra special with a twist of strawberries. You can never go wrong with berries, right?

Pink Drink with Strawberry Açai Starbucks Refreshers™

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Next on the list is perfect for cottage-core girlies out there with the beverage’s aesthetically pleasing appearance and very refreshing flavor. This caffeinated pink drink is a combination of fresh coconut milk and real fruit juice of strawberry and acai, mixed with real strawberry bites. The creaminess of the coconut is the perfect balance for the fruity flavor of the berries. This drink seems as if it was made by Strawberry Shortcake herself or could be Barbie’s favorite drink with its lovely pink tone and very Instagrammable look.

The two Starbucks Refreshers are only available in iced variants and in Tall (P165), Grande (P180), or Venti (P195) sizes.

It’s Back! Oatmilk Cocoa Series

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

It’s finally coming back! Starbucks is bringing back the classic taste of the Oatmilk Cocoa line, which is perfect for anyone who loves a fine Filipino-flavored drink. You might’ve encountered this flavor while you were on vacation, and you’re probably missing it so badly. You no longer have to look for it elsewhere with Starbucks finally offering you an interesting take on its unique flavor made even better with oatmilk.

Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

If you want some warmth in this rainy season to reminisce about the time you had with your friends last summer, this is the complementary drink you’re looking for. Starbucks brings you this drink that is made from their signature espresso blended with oatmilk and vanilla syrup, topped with a drizzle of flavorful cocoa sauce. The kiss of the foamy crema is best for the lingering aftertaste of the cocoa. You can even opt to have this hot or cold, whether in sizes Tall (P205), Grande (P220), or Venti (P235), which makes it a drink that deserves to be back.

Oatmilk Cocoa Frappuccino (with Plant-Based Whipped Cream) 

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

This drink, on the other hand, is perfect for you if you’re on-the-go. You will still be able to enjoy it even when you’re in a rush, with its flavorful taste. The delicious blend of oatmilk, espresso, and ice, topped with whipped cream, cocoa drizzle, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder is made just for you. The sweetness of your regular frappuccino will be balanced with the earthy, unsweetened dark chocolate flavor of cocoa. This drink will leave you no worries if you’re on a more conscious way of maintaining your figure with its plant-based whipped cream.

Oatmilk cocoa frappuccino is available in coffee and cream variants in sizes Tall (P195), Grande (P210), and Venti (P225).

New Variant! Ready-to-Drink

Remedy Kombucha Passionfruit

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

As you may already know, Starbucks is not only limited to coffees, as they offer you this drink that you will surely want and need. This Kombucha is not your usual Starbucks beverage that is full of sweetness or flavor, as it offers you a healthier option to try.

Remedy Kombucha Passionfruit is a nutritious probiotic drink that is sugar-free and will serve you nothing but a taste of goodness, live culture, organic acids, and antioxidants for only P165.

Starbucks Coffee at home

There is nothing more satisfying than brewing your own coffee. You may opt to go on a quick coffee run, but if you’re a coffee enthusiast who wants to savor every step of making your own drink, Starbucks is giving you these high-quality blended beans for an authentic experience.

Voyage Blend

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

This coffee is not your typical drink as it is produced meticulously to give a glimpse of the future of Starbucks. With these medium-roasted blended beans packed with citrus notes, sweet and syrupy flavor, and a floral finish, you’ll taste the perfect blend of coffee grains harvested from West Java, Rwanda, and Peru. Through this innovation, the process of growing and cultivating these essential-to-life beans is highly celebrated.

You can get your own Voyage Blend for P595 at your nearest cafe.

Starbucks Reserve Rwanda Abakundakawa 

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Abakundakawa, literally meaning “We who love coffee,” serves as the driving motivation of coffee farmers in leaving their mark in Rwanda and on the global coffee industry. This coffee wasn’t simply harvested to be sold to the market, but it is also a way to exhibit the culture and the fascinating process it went through before it has reached your mugs.

Enjoy this coffee that is made out of the sweetness of caramel and the citrus of tangelo with a spiced cocoa-dust finish. You can bring out the natural sweetness of this drink with a Fruit Cup.

Check this out at your nearest Starbucks store for only P695. 

Starbucks Reserve​ Colombia Hulia Pitalito

This blend also celebrates the culture of growing coffee in the Pitalito region of Huila, which is why it’s a must-try. The excellent growing conditions in the region offer you this coffee made of juicy brambleberry and sweet molasses with a hint of spice and black walnut, which best complements a Blackout Cake.

You’ll taste every step of the process of this high quality coffee for only P695. 

Food to try and fill you up

If you want to venture on a more flavorful side, these delightful pastries, desserts, and dishes are here to fill your appetite and make you ask for more. Starbucks offers you a long list of foods that best complement your favorite coffee. 

Chocolate Cherrific Cake

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

The name of this pastry already gives you a hint of its terrific taste, what with its combination of cloud-like layers of chocolate cake, rich and creamy dark chocolate ganache, and sweet spiked cherry compote, finished with light whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Although this cake is best paired with Flat White, you can still opt to pick your coffee of choice.

It’s available in slices at P205 each, but if a slice is not enough for you, a whole cake costs about P1,640.

Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Here is another combination of strawberry and lemon that Starbucks can’t seem to get enough of, they bring you this lemon creamy cheesecake swirled with strawberry puree, topped with light creamy strawberries and cream topping. If you want flavors to burst in your mouth, this cake may be the best one for you. You could also try this with a Caffe Latte if you’re looking for its best fit.

A slice of this cake costs about P220, while a whole is around P2,200.

Chunky Monkey Chocolate Cookie

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

If you’re not for a big bite, this soft and chewy cookie loaded with bananas, oats, and dark chocolate could be what you’re looking for. This cookie is also a healthier option, but will still give you the taste you can’t get enough of. A Caffe Americano would be the best pair for this pastry if you’re having a hard time choosing your coffee.

The Chunky Monkey Chocolate Cookie is very affordable as it’s only P95.

Chocochip Brownie (150 Kcal Per Serving)

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Here is another affordable and diet-friendly option as this dark chocolate brownie is eggless and butter-free, thus, only contains 150 kcal per serving. You don’t have to worry as the flavor is not compromised in this dessert, you can even pair it with a Cold Brew to get the full taste of it.

Gobble up on this pastry for P55.

Meatless And Eggless Breakfast Sandwich On Plant-Based Brioche Bread

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

The name of this food may be longer than yours, but this breakfast sandwich may become your next favorite with its savory flavor that will make you remember every single word of what it’s called.

This sandwich is vegan made with soft, eggless, and dairy-free brioche bread stuffed with minced plant-based meat, mushrooms, and creamy scrambled tofu. It’s literally packed with nourishing ingredients that you may want to pair with an Iced Shaken Black Tea to fully enjoy it.

This sandwich is available for only P150. 

Banana Chocolate Cream Pudding 

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

This dessert will surely bring you to the clouds with its flavors that will melt right into your mouth. A pudding made of plant-based vanilla custard, condensed oat milk, vanilla wafer, and dark chocolate is the perfect dessert to be paired with an Iced Caramel Macchiato.

If you’re a sucker for banana-flavored foods, this serves at P125.

Fusilli Meatless Bolognese

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

If you’re in for an Italian dish, Starbucks offers you their own version of Fusilli made of plant-based rich and creamy tomato sauce, with, also plant-based, minced button mushroom, shitake mushroom, onions, carrots, celery, Italian seasoning, topped with plant-based mozzarella.

With the number of times plant-based was mentioned, you’ll know this is perfect for you if you’re not into sweets and want a healthier menu. This food will be more enjoyed if you would pair it with a Cold Foam Iced Espresso.

You can get yourself a Starbucks Fusilli for only P195. 

Kouign Amann

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

This pastry may be pretty intimidating to order with its name that will have you asking for Google’s help, but you’ll be missing out on how good this is if you let your fear of not being able to pronounce it right consume you.

This Starbucks Reserve Exclusive Food is a crispy caramelized and buttery pastry packed with sweetness that will make you forget how much of it you’ve already eaten. It will taste even better if you pair it with a Dark Chocolate Mocha which will deliver a brilliant combination of the sweetness of the two.

You can enjoy your Kouign Amann for only P95.

Blueberry Cheese Pocket

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Another combination that will make your mouth water with its flavors, this soft-crust cookie filled with blueberry compote and cream cheese filling will surely make your heart flutter with how good it tastes. This cookie is best served with a Cold Brew Malt to perfectly enjoy the flavors.

Get this Blueberry Cheese Pocket for only P85. 

Merch to take home

Starbucks brings you these drinkware collections that highlight customers’ different personalities during the end of summer season. Get the one that best suits you!

Color Wave Collection

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

You won’t have to say goodbye to the vibrant colors of your summer getaway with these Wave Cold Cups made perfect for keeping your drinks cold. Starbucks offers you these tumblers with gradient ocean waves design, which are the perfect souvenirs of the season. 

Back-to-School Collection

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

With the forthcoming reopening of schools, this collection gives you a vibrant and cutesy design that is perfect for the students’ return to classes. The stress from schoolworks can really be overwhelming sometimes, but the nostalgic school elements, adorable charms, and the “You Deserve Some Coffee” text in these tumblers and bottles can be a way to make you see the fun in going to school again.

Eco-Camping Collection

Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

If you’re in for an adventurous trip, these tumblers are the perfect containers for your drinks. The muted colors and earthy tones of these drinkware might take you to another journey with its very close to nature look, you’ll definitely miss your previous getaways just by looking at these merchandise.

Sipping your still hot coffee from one of these tumblers or mugs after completing a long hiking trail is just the most refreshing feeling ever. You should definitely get one for your next camping or beach trip. 

Starbucks Card

For embracing the warmth and realness of coffee, you definitely deserve to have this Coffee Forward Card, which can be activated for a minimum purchase of P300. Take advantage of this Starbucks card to earn rewards on your regular coffee runs.