Lokals of NoKal Greets the Nightlife Scene in a New Home at Makati

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MANILA, Philippines—After temporarily closing its doors due to the challenges brought about by the pandemic in 2020, formerly stationed at the heart of Poblacion, New York inspired club NoKal is finally back at the nightlife scene with a new home in Makati. 

As its previous spot was hard to miss with its neon, pink lit “NOKAL” sign along Kalayaan, the local bar has become a staple for Poblacion goers with the area at that time being one that was known for hopping from one joint to another – depending on the night. NoKal grew into an all around bar and diner with how successful it was in creating a space for certain individuals that eventually grew into a community. It was a significant loss for the scene when they were forced to close and hopes were high that they would reopen later.

Images courtesy of NoKal

Their patrons, known as “Lokals of NoKal,” now have something new to look forward to as they relaunch in a thrilling new location in Makati Cinema Square, thanks to the brand’s partners Marco Viray, Lee Watson, Raul Fores, and Jason Soong. This new NoKal is an elevated version of everything you’ve missed, bringing with them their core of experiencing community through promoting Filipino talent, self-expression, and creativity.

From new, exciting cocktail variants like “Studio 54,” that also boasts a mini disco ball on the glass and is curated by Bar Specialist Lee Watson, to classic go-to’s like the Kitchen Consultant Chef Raul Fores’ “NoKal Burger.”

Images courtesy of NoKal

The new NoKal takes you away as you dance to the rhythm of the beat with a crafted cocktail on hand – hopefully giving way to connect with both old and new faces. The establishment is definitely one that has the potential to further elevate the stage for the industry–showcasing the underground scene along with Philippine talent. 

With NoKal being a new homebase stage to host artists from overseas and get them to witness what the local scene has to offer, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Marco Viray, proudly shares, “We’ve always been a safe place to go to. I think the culture that we promote is one that expresses peace, love, and responsibility. ‘In our house we are all equal’, as they say.”

Images courtesy of NoKal

Starting with “Basement Grooves” as their residency night, one can anticipate underground music ranging from disco to techno and everything in between. These tracks will undoubtedly have that groove and sound that one can not only hear, but also feel, as they enter this club with their top-of-the-line soundsystem, D&B Audiotechnik.

According to Jason Soong, who is in charge of the Music and Entertainment programming, “It actually might be the first thing you will notice when you walk in, it just sounds so good without hurting the ears. Look for the sweet spot when you’re there!” 

NoKal officially relaunched to the public on October 26, 2022 – hidden at Basement 1 of Makati Cinema Square. The club is open weekly from Wednesday through Saturday at 8 pm to 5 am. 

Keep tabs on their upcoming events by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages. For venue rentals, table reservations, and guest list bookings, kindly contact +639171395178.