Editor’s Pick: Butternut Bakery is Taking You on a Tangy, Flan-tastic Treat

Food & Drinks

MANILA, Philippines—Homegrown pastry house (and Rank Magazine quarantine find) Butternut Bakery is taking you in on a zesty adventure with an innovative new addition in their ever-growing, ever-evolving palate tease of a menu offering, the La La Leche Flan Cake.

The limited-edition dessert is a one-of-a-kind dayap (known to many as key lime) delight, featuring a delicate, airy, vanilla chiffon cake layers filled with a tangy dayap curd, perfectly complemented by a dayap-kissed chantilly creme.

Image courtesy of Butternut Bakery

The special treat is then topped with a generous topping of house-made leche flan, plopped with some candied dayap wheels, freshly grated dayap zest, and as if to make all the more enticing, some 24K gold flakes, making it a surprising, but well-balanced dessert with its creaminess and playful, zesty flavor.

Since its inception in November 2020, amid the pandemic, Butternut Bakery founders Rich Sanz and Maxine Marcelino both recognized the heightened demand for cakes, among many food fares that have sprung up and have become available online, especially on social media as people have been cooped up at home due to the quarantine, and gorging on sweet treats and sending cakes to loved ones have become an escape in a time of chaos and turmoil.

Image courtesy of Butternut Bakery

From breaking ground to their first store in SM Mega Fashion Hall and SM North Edsa, Butternut Bakery has since then launched a mission to bring decadent delights no matter what occasion. Butternut Bakery has since become known for whipping up some of their best menu offerings from their OG 5-layer brazo and its Ube Brazo counterpart, along with another ube offering and a Rank Magazine favorite, the Ube Chiffon Cake with halaya filling.

Just last September, a new branch of Butternut Bakery have officially opened its doors in Alabang West Parade to strengthen our commitment to bring their sweet treats to more people in the south, followed a week later by the opening of its biggest store yet in SM Mall of Asia that now offers seating for up to 12 people, and a super fun drink program to complement your sweet treats.

Image courtesy of Butternut Bakery

The La la leche flan is a seasonal cake that is now available for pre-order with a three-day lead time until November 30, priced at P1850.

Head on over to www.butternutph.com to order and learn more of their topnotch confections.