The Gucci Aria Collection Marks 100 Years for the Fashion House, Celebrating History and Heritage

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FLORENCE, ItalyGucci unveils its latest collection with Aria–a term that comes from music , indicating a melody sung by a single voice from an opera. This inspiration is taken to prints on select items in the collection, defined by lyrics featuring the word Gucci from tracks by © Sony Music Publishing.

The collection looks back on 100 years, starting from Mr. Guccio Gucci, the Founder of Gucci, finding his love and taste for elegance, luxury, and finely crafted leather goods as a bell-boy at The Savoy Hotel in London in the first years of 1900. This resulted to the establishment of the earliest Gucci luxury house in Florence.

Given Aria is the first show of the year which opens the celebration of the 100th anniversary it has been decided to exceptionally offer a special preview of the High Jewelry collection we will be presenting in the next future. For the first time the HJ collection is presented in the show of a main collection.

Moreover, the collection features the words “Savoy Club” are a tribute to The Savoy London hotel and appear on riding helmets, a nod to Gucci’s equestrian roots.

Photos courtesy of SSI

Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele reflects on the past century, and honors the history and heritage of the brand with a special film he co-directed with award-winning photographer and director Floria Sigismondi.

In a long letter, he details this experience in creating the new collection to pay homage to the last 100 years:

“I wouldn’t like to sentimentalize a biography though. Gucci’s long history can’t be contained within a single inaugural act. As any other existence, its destiny is marked by a long series of “endless births” (M. Zambrano) and constant regenerations. In this persistent movement, life challenges the mystery of death. In this hunger for birth, we have learnt how to dwell the time,” he wrote.

Photos courtesy of SSI

He added, “Celebrating this birthday means to pay homage to the mother’s womb then, but also to the becoming other. The legacy, but also the possibility of its afterthought. Past, in fact, is not a motionless conveyance and a repetition of the immutable: it rather “necessarily involves the idea of movement. It is not a datum, it is a motion: it is the movement of variation of the heritage that entails processes of transformation” (M. Centanni).”

To wrap up, he officially welcomes the fashion community to the Aria Collection “Here we are then, ready to celebrate, wearing our most glittering clothes. Preparations for the event are in full swing. We are eager to walk through the Savoy’s doors again, one century later: an immaginific topos in the history of Gucci. A very long corridor separates us from that astral and magic passage. The myth of foundation is reinhabited in the light of the present.”

Watch the launch film below:

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