Fashion Gets Redefined in Season 13 of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

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MANILA, Philippines—In its second year taking on the virtual stage, the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFF) is gearing up for Season 13 this year by transitioning itself into an industry event organized by GO LIFESTYLE Group Inc.

With the goal to support the growth of the fashion industry in the Philippines, PMFF aims to showcase the Filipino’s excellent fashion design talents and brands not only to the local market but also overseas through online and exhibit opportunities.

In order to take the fashion industry back on track from the first lockdown in 2020, the PMFF Season 12 was successfully rebooted last May/June 2021 as the online streaming event featuring 23 designers from 4 major fashion capitals; Manila, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Cebu with the support of partners and fellow designers/brands.

Season 13 was then set to be held in January 2022, but due to the unexpected increase of new infections brought by the COVID-19 variants nationwide, PMFF moved production in the name of safety and adherence to health protocols. While designers and brands face challenging situations of labor shortage and insufficient supply chain, they were all moved with the same determination to continue on this journey in order to help redefine PMFF.

With this, PMFF sets Season 13 in motion to be held this March and April 2022 with these online streaming events:


  • Inside Scoop (Show Segment): March 23, 24, 25
  • Panasonic FB Live March 26
  • PMFF Season 13 Premier Show March 30, 31, April 01, 02
  • PMFF S13 Collection Display at Okada Manila April 02 – 17
  • PMFF x STYLEM S13 Exhibit at Greenbelt April 07-17

Premier Show Schedule and Participating Designers

  • Day 1 (March 30): Renan Pacson, Marc Rancy, Daryl Maat, R.A.F., Azucar, CAMLU, ARANAZ
  • Day 2 (March 31): June Samson Pugat, BARBA, Oz Go, Kelvin Morales, Kaye Morales, Rhett Eala
  • Day 3 (April 01): S’TOI|C, Jerome Lorico, Emir Yamamoto, Jun Escario, Alodia Cecilia, Ditta Sandico, Albert Andrada
  • Day 4 (April 02): PMFF x STYLEM Season 13 Collection

Season 13 : Redefined

With this season’s theme is “Redefined”, MFF no longer identify itself as a fashion runway event. With the recent digital transformation wave in the fashion industry, the Manila Fashion Festival, redefined itself to become the first Filipino fashion platform using digital solutions to connect designer, brand, supplier, factory, retail partner, fashion students, and fashion coalitions. The goal is to provide a platform for everyone in the industry to come together and build a unified foundation for the Philippine Fashion Industry.

Since Season 12, PMFF has created a collaboration with STYLEM, a world leading fashion fabric company in which they are also a member of Japan Fashion Week Organization. STYLEM provided designers/brands direct access to top quality fabric.

With this, PMFF is happy to announce that they continue to support the festival together with YOSHIOKA, a one-stop-shop for fashion sewing notion suppliers, this Season 13 as well. STYLEM gave designers and brands access to their latest fabric selections to create PMFF x STYLEM Collection which will then be showcased on Day 4 of the festival.

New Programs, New Perspectives

From this Season 13, PMFF plans to create the new video streaming programs before the premier show with a goal of widening and shifting perspectives on an overall look at fashion: the creative genius, the production, and the business side of it.

Inside Scoop Talk Show

Victor Basa is set to be the host, along with two of PMFF show directors, stylists and media representatives as guests. The objective of the show is to introduce each designer and brand and their Season 13 collection theme to catch the audience’s interest and to understand and appreciate more the story behind the collections of our featured designers and brands.

Panasonic FB Live

Another talk show, with Nico Locco as the host, along with 2 IG influencers as guests will run on the theme “Getting ready with me: What I’d wear Front Row at PMFF”. This show is to introduce MFF and naming sponsor Panasonic Beauty from an audience’s perspective to provide a more interactive online experience.

Up Close with Filipino Fashion Ingenuity

A display and exhibit event will be set up at Okada Manila and Greenbelt 5 after the premier show so that the audience gets the chance to see the actual pieces:

PMFF Season 13 Display at Okada
One key-look of each PMFF Season 13 designer/brand will be displayed at Okada Manila’s main lobby, The Pearl Lobby.

PMFF x STYLEM Collection S13 at Greenbelt
The collection will be exhibited at Greenbelt 5 Gallery Space.

New this Season: The Unglamorous Side of Fashion

Starting from March 2, 2022, new program “Unglamorous Side of Fashion” will be introduced via PMFF’s social media. This is a series of short documentary episodes, and will feature not only designer/brand but other fashion related businesses by showing behind the scenes of the fashion industry to help the audience understand more and appreciate the hard work behind the usual glamorous reputation of the fashion industry.

Rank Magazine is an official media partner of Season 13 of the Manila Fashion Festival.

Check out Manila Fashion Festival on its official website and on its socials on Facebook and Instagram for more details of this year’s festival run.