Bigo Live Mid-Year Gala 2023: Commemorating Creative Collaborations

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MANILA, Philippines—Bigo Live, the prominent global live-streaming platform, is excited to announce the highly anticipated return of the annual Bigo Live Philippines Mid-Year Gala.

The event, hosted at Revel at The Palace on August 19, 2023, brought together a dynamic assembly of over 100 Bigo Live broadcasters, hosts, users, agencies, and partners. This gathering served as a tribute to the creativity and lively essence of the flourishing and diverse Bigo Live community in the Philippines.

Bigo Live Top Broadcasters (L-R) Erika Gervacio; Emie Conjurado; and Janine Cartagena

Image Courtesy of Bigo Live.

An evening of elegance and honor

Bigo Live stands as a vital platform where individuals from diverse backgrounds can showcase and nurture their talents. The Gala unfolded as a night of glamour and distinction, paying tribute to the remarkable Bigo Live broadcasters in the Philippines who have left an indelible mark on the community.

In this year’s star-studded affair, excellence prevailed as Bigo Live Philippines’ community members were acknowledged across 12 distinct award categories. Among the winners were Mary-Erika Gervacio, who claimed the ‘GALA LIVEHOUSE Star’ award, The Daniels Agency securing the ‘Top Agency’ recognition, and itsyourboyChing shining bright as the recipient of the ‘INCREDIBLE STAR’ accolade.

Emie, a luminary in the realm of Philippine arts, stands as an accomplished vocalist and actress who also gave an incredible performance during the event. Garnering acclaim, she notably graced the silver screen in the ethereal 2019 cinematic creation “Santigwar.” In a harmonious blend of talents, Emie further captivates audiences through her musical prowess, her inaugural single “Dil Na Kita Kailangan” unveiled on Spotify in the year 2023.

Emie Conjurado (BIGO ID: Emieloveee)

Image Courtesy of Bigo Live.

Another notable figure graced the stage with an enthralling performance, none other than Jannine Cartagena. Distinguished as a versatile artist and streamer across diverse social media platforms, Jannine’s melodious talents shine through her captivating song covers. Further embellishing her musical journey, she soared to fame as a consistent victor in the esteemed singing competition Tawag ng Tanghalan.

Jannine Cartagena (BIGO ID: Ninjajannine)

Image Courtesy of Bigo Live.

Leading the Gala’s proceedings was Eyah Candelaria (BIGO ID: Eyah08), a prominent Bigo Live broadcaster. The evening sparkled with captivating performances by gifted Filipino singers and emerging talents, including:

  • AnnRaniel (BIGO ID: AnnRaniel)
  • Micah Gomez (BIGO ID: mixxhearts)
  • Jannine Cartagena (BIGO ID: Ninjajannine)
  • Gladys Ayuste (BIGO ID: gladyscosplay)
  • Aya Andrade (BIGO ID: Ayaandrade)
  • Erika Louise (BIGO ID: erikalouise)
  • Emie Conjurado (BIGO ID: Emieloveee)

Empowering the Filipino Creator Community

Acknowledging the burgeoning influence of the creator economy in the Philippines, Bigo Live remains committed to providing an empowering and authentic platform. Bridging connections between broadcasters, users, and audiences spanning the Philippines and beyond, Bigo Live fosters inclusive and vibrant communities.

Tina Guo, Bigo Live Philippines’ Country Manager, shared, “Filipinos continually inspire us with their remarkable talents and their ability to create inclusive and dynamic communities. Moving forward, Bigo Live remains dedicated to nurturing these communities by enhancing our platform to deepen localized social interactions. We aim to empower individuals to make positive impacts within their communities as their true selves.”

Since 2016, Bigo Live has empowered established artists and emerging talents to share real-time experiences, captivating audiences worldwide. Building on this momentum, Bigo Live continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the creative and entertainment industries in the Philippines.

As a standout platform, Bigo Live enables diverse broadcasters to engage with audiences authentically, fostering meaningful connections and building followers. Adapting to evolving user behaviors, Bigo Live focuses on community-building, enhancing user experiences through innovation and technology to enrich our local social ecosystem. Furthermore, Bigo Live is committed to fostering the organic growth of the creator economy through initiatives that uplift agencies, hosts, and broadcasters.