Brace Yourselves!! Netflix Announces Highly-Anticipated Release Date for ‘Kingdom: Season 2’


Now, this is an announcement you need to brace yourselves for. Netflix has just confirmed that the highly-anticipated season 2 of its Korean original series Kingdom is set to premiere globally on March 13 on the global streaming powerhouse.

Back in its first season, an epidemic turns Joseon into hell on earth amid the ravages left by the ever-growing greed of the Cho family. This time, the Crown Prince Lee Chang continues his desperate, bloody quest, with next to no one he can trust to help him. 

As the main poster is unveiled, we see the main characters reprising their roles on a rooftop, fleeing from a flock of the undead, who are growing exponentially in number.

This harks back to the shocking finale of season 1, after it aired in January of 2019, where an imminent onslaught of an army of zombies was shown, a chilling reversal of truths they once knew about how the dead bodies revert to sleep and hiding at the break of dawn.

The tagline, ‘Blood Will Spill’ foreshadows the increasing amount of terror experienced by those running for their lives and running out of options. Each character’s face is marked by hopeless desperation, but they are all determined to survive the agonizing struggle that awaits them in this highly-anticipated return. 

The Internet, of course, has gone on to a collective screams of celebration as the accompanying motion key art showed the show’s main characters: Crown Prince Lee Chang, Cho Hak-ju, Seo-bi, Mu-yeong, Yeong-sin, Beom-pal, and the Queen.

Joining the cast this season is the head of the Royal Commandery Division, Min Chi-rok. Lee Chang is tougher now and more determined, as he fights to protect his people from the growing legions of zombies. Cho Hak-ju continues to be power-hungry, while Seo-bi is on the brink of a breakthrough with the resurrection plant. Mu-yeong is still steadfastly looking after Chang, and Yeong-sin is fiercer than ever. Not to be forgotten are the terror-stricken Beom-pal and the Queen.

Season 2 ramps up the tension with the introduction of Min Chi-rok, who investigates a suspicious murder in Hanyang. Kingdom season 2 continues to captivate with the story of Lee Chang’s journey back to Hanyang in search of the roots of the plague and the bloody struggle instigated by the secret plot at the heart of power in Joseon-era Korea.

Kingdom S2: Date Announcement

🚨 THE ZOMBIES ARE HERE. 🚨 Kingdom S2 arrives on March 13.

Posted by Netflix on Wednesday, February 5, 2020