Ju Ji-hoon Faces the Dog-Eat-Dog, Cutthroat World of Rival Lawyers in ‘Hyena’


Ju Ji-hoon, the Korean acting tour de force now best known for his role as the Crown Prince battling seas of the ‘undead’ in Kingdom, returns and readies for yet another battle–this time in the cutthroat, highly-competitive world of law enforcement and against a rival lawyer played by the returning actress Kim Hye Soo (known for the show, Signal).

Image courtesy of Netflix

From the director that brought the hit show, My Love from another Star, Hyena, follows the story of Jung Geum-ja (Kim) as a weed in a garden of high-society lawyers. She will use every last sexy trick in the book to make money, no matter how evil the means can be. Yoon Hee-jae (Ju), on the other end, was born into the elites. He is a world-class lawyer with an indestructible ego to match. He is an orchid in full bloom.

The two, while polar opposites, find themselves transform into hyenas at the service of their upper-class clients. The series is set to premiere on Netflix on February 21. See the full trailer here: