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Rarely do we get a debuting artist who’s already so sure of themselves, their music, and what they want to tell the world from the get-go. A common case for debut singles and introductory projects are commercially trendy sounds, narrating stories of love, friendship, and universally-relatable experiences that can capture people’s attention towards a sparkly new artist. But for Thai-Italian singer-songwriter, actress, and YouTube sensation, Silvy, the sooner she gets her advocacy message across, the better.

25-year old Silvy, born Pavida Moriggi, is a known performer in her home country, where she lent her trademark R&B vocals to official soundtracks of Miss Saigon (Thailand Original Cast), and Four Reigns: The Musical, as well as showcased her singing prowess on the huge stages of The Voice and The Masked Singer in Thailand.

Currently, on top of her debut as a recording artist, she is also a social media mover who quickly gathered a large following, no small thanks to her 100% real content on body positivity, inclusivity, female empowerment, and self-love & confidence. She’s accumulated approximately a total of half a million followers across all her social media account, greatly attributed to her authenticity that complements her myriad of uplifting posts.

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As Rank Magazine sat down with Silvy to dive deep into her story, it’s her resilience, confidence, and authenticity honed and significantly developed at a very young age that struck us—and we’re sure she’s exactly what society needs right now.

As someone who’s been in the Thai entertainment industry for a long time, Silvy knew from at the onset of her career that singing has always been the path for her. Since she was 8 years old and realized that she can sing, her entire direction has been pointed directly to making sure she gets to do it for the rest of her life. From participating in singing competitions to joining musical ensembles, music was just something she loved to do—but it is not without its myriad of challenges, particularly as a young woman in a highly competitive and critical industry of the way you look and present yourself.

Amid Silvy’s powerhouse vocals and inimitable talent, previous record labels still wanted more. As the singer-songwriter recalled, they pushed her into being someone she’s not, forced her into changing her looks, and insisted that she’s not good enough as she is.

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“They were trying to make me be who I’m not. Trying to categorize me into the type of woman I have to be, so I was pretty doomed and I lost my trust and hopes of being an artist,” she opened up.

But the same way diamonds are forged out of immense amounts of pressure and friction, Silvy came out of that experience more committed than ever to changing the game and proving her worth as an artist, young woman, and human being. Now, she’s all the more confident, sure, and grounded on her beliefs and ideals.

Despite all the harmful experiences she went through during those few years, it strengthened her resolve to do and say something about society’s dangerous, dangerous ways—may it be through her music or social media content.

All of this energy is poured into the creation of “XL”, Silvy’s debut song with an unapologetically empowering message of self-love and body positivity. This particular track, she revealed, is the very first song she finished with her producers, and they knew straight away that it’s the perfect song to introduce herself with. She shared that it’s a very natural track for her to embody, precisely because it’s exactly who Silvy is and what she stands for.

“[My current record label] asked me what I wanted to say in a song, and I’m like ‘body positivity’. Because after I was independent for two years, I found my ways of being myself, a hundred percent. I want people—if they know Silvy—I want them to know me for me. So, I started getting a lot of following for being this confident girl, not giving a fuck about what people think about me. I just thought that the Silvy now, who is she? Why would she want to influence the world? So we just thought that the right message for an introduction to me is about body positivity, because that’s what I do,” she expressed.

“I don’t have to do much, I just sing,” Silvy quipped. “With XL, I don’t have to channel anything because I could do it very naturally, and it’s very real for me. I just sing it freely and we discussed it that XL should be the first single because we want people to know Silvy. And what Silvy is, Silvy is [about] empowering people to be themselves. No rules, no matter what they are—body shape, size, gender, or anything. You could be whoever you want, just be yourself. [As long as] you don’t hurt anyone, you’re allowed to love yourself and be who you are.”

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Speaking with the young multi-hyphenate and it’s clear that these messages of empowerment are not mere strategies to get people to look and listen. Everything about her screams authenticity, from her no makeup Instagram posts and belly roll-focused dancing videos, to the way she carries and explains herself through an interview.

Once you interact with her content, in whatever form, it’s easy to see why so many young women gravitate towards her, and her unapologetic energy, especially in a society so consumed by media and its perpetuated beauty standards.

But when asked of the ultimate journey to self-love, the young musician and advocate notes that it entails making the habit of talking to yourself in the mirror with words of affirmation. Of this, she also noted Lizzo as one of her biggest inspirations in all things self-love and body positivity.

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One cursory look at the artist’s social media page and it is easy to see each post beaming with the confidence to show off a woman who’s not afraid to wear crop tops despite “not having abs”, or to strut in a bikini despite “not being socially-defined as ‘skinny’ or ‘bikini-perfect’, and so many other forms of content that reflect what women really look like. In a social media platform notorious for promoting models, diet culture, and a specific type of beauty, Silvy’s page is a welcome addition to anyone’s social media psyche. Each photo or video is a much-needed reminder of the beauty we all have, exactly as we are right now.

As Silvy put it, beauty standards are a myth, stressing how even women who society deems as “beautiful” still have insecurities and experiences with the overwhelming pressure to be “perfect”. So, where does it end? She exclaimed, “How are we supposed to know that this is right or wrong, or if this is enough? Who is to say?”

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With all of that, she’s taken on a personal mission to make everyone feel good about themselves, no matter what society dictates and criticizes. It all boils down to the overall Silvy Message:

“I learned that the things that make me go this far today, and made me this confident, is one hundred percent me. You are your own life-changer. You are your own best friend. So, talk to yourself nice. Remind yourself of good things, and don’t let other people’s opinions [be] stronger than what you think of yourself. Be proud of who you are, and really love and appreciate yourself. Know your worth, and that’s it.”

And this very message rings loud and clear in her recent release, “XL” and the music video that celebrates the diversity of women*,* and with all the music she has in her vault that’s soon to be released. She teased that a lot of the upcoming tracks go back to her own experiences, and who she is as a person. “I trust myself that I could express and influence people with my own stories. Hopefully, it will be as great as this one,” she mused.

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We, too, trust that anything that will come out of Silvy’s brilliant mind will be nothing short of empowering. If “XL” and the wealth of conversation it opens up are any indication on what’s to come, we’re sure that it’ll be something that will move, not just our bodies in dance, but our hearts in overflowing joy, love, and pride in ourselves as well.

Silvy might have already been in the industry for a very long time, but we wholeheartedly believe that she is who the entertainment industry, and the rest of society, needs right now. And we just can’t wait to see her influence and message explode to every corner of the world.

If any new artist deserves that right now, it’s Silvy.

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Interview by Leo Balante and Pauline Nacar

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