McDonald’s Philippines Remakes Iconic Anthem, Now Set in Life in the New Normal

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In the face of the unprecedented shift in the lives of people across the globe, we have seen how much has changed in a short period of time and how it has forced us to reflect on how life was before — from the spontaneous get-togethers and catch-ups over good food, unhindered bonding moments with friends and family, or just a random walk outside with your favorite anthem blaring on your earphones–sans the face masks and the unseen threats to your safety.

On the heels of its recent announcement of safety protocols implemented in response to the call to adapt to the new normal lifestyle, McDonald’s launched a video that harks back on an advertising classic–portraying how small, seemingly mundane moments are still possible despite the new normal.

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The spot is set against the iconic “Kita-Kits” song originally sang by iconic McDonald’s endorser Sharon Cuneta, giving us that tingling feel-good reminder that simple moments are still, and always will be within reach with and at the Filipino quick service restaurant.

“Quality, service, safety and cleanliness, and value have always been the philosophy of McDonald’s when it comes to operating our restaurants. These have been integral to McDonald’s culture and have guided us throughout the years of providing delicious food and feel good moments for Filipino communities,” McDo Philippines President and CEO Kenneth Yang shares in a statement to Rank Magazine.

Relive the iconic video advertisement featuring the original song sang by Cuneta in an archive video uploaded on YouTube below:

In line with this heart-tugging reminder, McDonald’s reinforces its commitment to quality, safety, and cleanliness with enhanced sanitation procedures, along with its No-Touch service across all ordering channels and a continuing mission to lead the promotion of innovative and convenient ways to attend to the needs of Filipinos.

Mula noon, hanggang ngayon— kita-kits pa rin with McDo.